156 Funny Birthday Wishes for Smile that Will Laughing in Your Life

Funny Birthday Wishes: The majority of the time, when the birthday of a friend or loved one is drawing near, we make an effort to send them warm and heartfelt birthday greetings that convey our emotions in the most effective manner. But, on the other hand, why not send a cute and funny birthday saying to each and every person who has a birthday? It is simple to offer birthday messages to a person, but it can be challenging to come up with something humorous to say. If you are looking for some hilarious and funny birthday wishes, then you will be happy to know that we have written some funny birthday quotes just for you. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them for you. Choose one of these hilarious birthday greetings that comes with a humorous image, and then send it to all of your friends and family.

In the midst of our hectic lives, which at times prevent us from living a life free of stress, it is possible that making someone else who is celebrating a birthday smile can be an excellent surprise for both of you. Keeping this in mind, we have made it our mission to develop some of the most entertaining and fun birthday images for cards so that you can send them to the people in your life who are celebrating their special day. You should always congratulate those who are overly sensitive before sending it, because they have the potential to feel hurt by it.

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1. If you look back at your life and how you lived all these past years, you will not feel as special about you as you are feeling right now. Happy Birthday buddy!

2. You have another crease! Happy Birthday!

3. Happy Birthday. I usually send birthday messages to people whom I don’t give away on their birthdays to make them feel better. Can you imagine how long it will take me to finish writing to save a few cents? Hahahahaha I wish you a good time.

4. I invite you all to celebrate my new year and to enjoy less.

5. Congratulations! Don’t forget to run and jump on this special day…. If you are unable to walk and always give a comfortable, ergonomic stick that fits your hand and allows you to carry your weight hahaha!

6. I remember we had made a promise to be together forever Young. But You are good at breaking rules and now you ended up our promise you old mossback. Happy birthday.

7. I am really sorry that I wished you on your birthday without a present. If you have already forgiven me then it’s no use to get you a gift now. Enjoy your day!

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8. The older you get the more irritating you will be. Happy Birthday!

9. You should be grateful for today, as you have done only one thing in your life for that, people congratulate you. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

10. Congratulations. You are like good wine … the older the better!

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11. You can guess what that day means, you can guess how happy you are to be older or not, but most of all you should guess your beautiful teeth and smile because you don’t know how long it will be with you ,

12. You do not respect your friends as much as you should. To be a friend with a person like you deserves respect and appreciation. Happy Birthday!

13. If your birthday is going bad, just imagine how the rest of the year will do? Just thinking! Happy Birthday my friend!

14. There is always a positive side to anything. But I am really surprised to see that you are completely negative. Sad Birthday wishes to you!

15. Just be careful tonight because I’m going to bring you a bucket full of water to put on you before you cut the cake. Let’s cut the cake with wet clothes. Happy birthday.

16. The day has finally come. Congratulations on reaching the point in your life where you don’t like the noise, go out at night or look good with other haha. You have become a grandfather. Would a little hair loss shampoo work for you? Congratulations again.

17. Friend, may all your dreams come true in this new year that is about to begin. Especially when the dream of a beach surrounded by beautiful blond men is big and stocky. All of them just for you, hahaha.

18. It’s not that bad to have a birthday, so take it easy, remember it’s better than next year if you have one more and you’re a year older.

19. Darling, I know you’d like to have a nice homemade dinner for your birthday. I’ve already called your mother! She told me that Wednesday will be perfect for her. Happy Birthday!

20. May you have many more years … but most of all without forgetting them haha. You’re starting to grow old, my friend haha, I hope I don’t have to look for you who lost you in a bus station.

21. You are all cordially invited to my birthday party. Dress code: something to drink and eat.

22. You are welcome at the age when you forget your age. Happy Birthday!

23. Happy Birthday! You are an adult now. Stop behaving like a kid always and just take life seriously.

24. On your birthday, I wish to give you happiness but it is literally impossible as you make every happy thing sad. Have a good day!

25. Congratulations on the special birthday of someone special who now has the opportunity to completely forget mine.

26. Congratulations, today is your birthday again. It’s the tenth time in a row that you’ve turned 30, right? Some ages are hard to digest haha ​​we all understand you. Just in time for your determination not to pass the 30s Haha.

27. I was thinking about buying a present for you, but I decided to donate the money to a needy person: me and my terrible wardrobe haha.

28. I hope your two or three teeth are still surviving as you get older. Hopefully, you brush the remaining ones. Happy birthday you grumpy old man.

29. Dear Friend, I did not get you any birthday present as I am saving money for your retirement. Happy Birthday!

30. It is proven that the person who is my friend will live longer. So have fun and celebrate your birthday.

31. Congratulations on your new gray hair! Happy Birthday!

32. I’ve been thinking about what to give you 364 days since your last birthday, but whenever I think about it, I quit because I remembered waiting for your gift for years, so hopefully I’ll be happy be that you will be, but not with the company of my gift.

33. The friend is not worried about how old you are today. We already solved your problem in the best way: we bought two family-sized cakes to be able to place all the candles hahaha that day. Happy birthday, I wish you a lot of fun.

34. Happy Birthday! You have officially reached the age at which if you manage to reach the age you claim to be, you could seriously consider declaring yourself an immortal person. I wish you all the best in your life that all your wishes will be fulfilled.

35. Today is the day you were naked for the first time. Let’s celebrate that. Happy Birthday!

36. If you live long enough to be old and toothless, I will surely steal your teeth when your favorite food will be there. Happy Birthday!

37. People will come and congratulate you on getting older! I am not one of them. Happy Birthday, Idiot.

38. Dear friend, happy birthday! I wish you a lot of fun in the company of family and friends. I was going to buy you a great gift in a shop yesterday, but I did better. I have decided to donate this money to the asylum where you will soon be admitted. Then you have the best care I think haha.

39. Don’t think of your last birthday, don’t think of your future birthday, don’t think of your present birthday because I’m not going to give you any gift. Happy birthday.

40. You are very special in your mind. I hope at least on this birthday your friends make you feel the same. Happy Birthday!

41. The more you live, the more birthdays you have to celebrate lonely. Just Saying! Happy Birthday!

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43. You look like you are literally fallen from the sky but on your face. Happy Birthday!

44. Another year does not mean age. Your wrinkles are stamps of the quality of the best product that life can give you: wisdom, accept it even if you are full of wisdom, my friend Ha Ha.

45. It celebrates many more years and begins to age slowly. All in all, we all know that old furniture tends to become more valuable over time, haha.

46. If you look forward, in your future your memory will be lost and wrinkles on your face. Don’t worry about it.. enjoy your today.. Happy Birthday.

47. On your birthday I want to congratulate you for living this long. Well Done!

48. Happy Birthday! Smile and have fun on this special day, especially now that you still have teeth, which will become more difficult over the years.

49. Today I’m going to give you a very special gift, that is an empty box. Because I always prepare my budget for gifts according to the person’s empty brain. Enjoy your birthday and have no gift from my side. Lol.

50. Another year has come to you and I am here to give you some advice: remove all mirrors from your frame that can scare you more with your old-fashioned reflex hahaha every year. Congratulations.

51. Cheers to you my dear friend cheers on our friendship. I wish that you have a great birthday this year, not like you last few. Happy Birthday!

52. Congratulations! May life give you as many problems as my grandmother has teeth haha. And congratulations that match my grandfather’s wrinkles.

53. When you pass one birthday you get older and wiser, but you only get older. Wish you a happy birthday!

54. You are nobody’s favorite, even your kids like me more than you. How can you be happy and celebrate your birthday? Whatever, Enjoy it!

55. On each of your birthday, you set a goal for the next year but never did anything to achieve that. It’s time to stop celebrating birthdays.

56. You are lucky that people don’t know your true self. Be like this and you will die alone. Happy Birthday!

57. If you think you are too old for celebrating your birthday, you are right. Your birthday is not unique. Enjoy!

58. I can’t teach you how to celebrate your birthday; you have lived on them for too long.

59. On this special occasion like your birthday, I thought of a great trip to celebrate. So I was wondering if you could take care of my pet while I go around the world? Haha congratulations.

60. Happy birthday to the person whom I would never rescue from zombies.

61. You have only two options either you can keep on celebrating your birthdays or wait for your last day to come. Wish you the happiest birthday!

62. Happy Birthday. Wait for your gift after I get mine for my birthday. You forgot my bad friend hahaha I love you.

63. I did not get you any gift or card, and I am not sorry for that. You only deserve a wish nothing much. Happy Birthday!

64. Congratulations, I hope all of your dreams come true. I ask you to do the following: Compare your underwear size with the previous year How many sizes did you increase with hahaha? It’s not just about years in this life Haha.

65. There’s an old saying where there’s a will there is a way. But you make it wrong. Because you cannot make yourself young again. Unfortunately, you become old today. Happy birthday.

66. That countless years come to you in miracles.

67. You think it’s your special day because it’s your birthday, No it’s not. Happy Birthday!

68. Hey, you should enjoy your birthdays while you are young. Time will never come back. Happy Birthday!

69. You are older and wiser but still a prick. That’s all, wish you a happy birthday!

70. When I thought, what I should get you for your birthday, I was blank. So, I got nothing for you. Happy Birthday!

71. Today is the day you were born, Wish you your birthday! Not happy or wonderful, just birthday.

72. You are way crazier than anyone I ever met. I recommend you to stay at a zoo, please. Happy Birthday!

73. My friend, congratulations, you are about to reach the age when everything seems easy to forget, so I want to tell you… .. What did we talk about?

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75. I always had the curiosity to know about primitive humans. Please share something about them. I mean you are non-other than that. Just kidding. Happy birthday you oldie Goldie.

76. Funny and freaky: If you meet ‘is’, the group ‘is’ comes.

77. You are a banana in all the fruits I can think of. And I don’t like bananas. Happy Birthday!

78. You can no longer deceive anyone your age; you have to accept your reality happy birthday!

79. You were lost and found by your parents. They never told you are adopted, but look at your face; you are the weirdest person in our family. Happy Birthday!

80. Hey…. congratulations you get slightly older today. Best wishes for your birthday.

81. Smile, because it is your birthday and scare all the children in your neighborhood. Happy Birthday!

82. You’re getting old … .. Should I be sorry or cheer you on?

83. It’s really hard to buy you a gift because of your difficult choice, that’s why I didn’t get any. Enjoy your day.

84. Happy birthday to you and I wish that you always look that old which makes me look younger. Have fun!

85. May your birthday will be filled with people like me. Who doesn’t care that it’s your birthday!

86. You are such an amazing person but why don’t others see that. Whatever it’s your birthday and sorry I will not be there as I have other plans. Enjoy and my best wishes!

87. Happy birthday, but you should know that collecting years is only important if you are a wine.

88. From now on you have another wrinkle! Happy Birthday!

89. Yes yes yes I know I’m an intelligent, funny, smart, and good looking guy. Happy birthday to you from my side. Please don’t get jealous of me.

90. You are getting old day by day and want to celebrate it. Well done. Happy Birthday!

91. Did you notice that there is only one birthday and the rest of the years we celebrate the anniversary! So, there is no need to give you a gift for something you did years back. Just Happy Birth Anniversary to you!

92. Is it your birthday? Well, you can have it painted and ready for the adventure!

93. Congratulations, you are great and you do not know!

94. Celebrating has a disadvantage and an advantage: you don’t see the letters up close, you see idiots from a distance.

95. You are not getting older, dear, you are just a vintage.

96. Happy Birthday. You are so special to me that I remember your birthday without the Facebook reminder.

97. If anyone calls you old, don’t run behind them angrily. You will lose breath. Mind your age. Happy Birthday!

98. You will get everything in life you work hard for, but you will still crave for more. May your birthday will be like that also! Happy Birthday!

99. Congratulations! You have less time to stop supporting your mother-in-law.

100. Don’t you feel like a child when it’s your birthday, well I am here to tell you that you are old enough to stop behaving like one. Happy Birthday!

101. Great, a year closer to death.

102. I am really sorry that I am unable to come to your birthday party tonight. The reason is, I actually don’t want to. Enjoy your day alone. Happy Birthday!

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104. Today, we will get so drunk that you will forget that no one comes to your birthday party. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

105. Fortunately, every day is a birthday, so let’s celebrate it big, I invite you to my birthday.

106. May you have many, many years, and please do not worry, because antiques have a higher value.

107. When I look at you I don’t see my old friend, all I see is an old man looking for his teeth. Happy Birthday!

108. Having you around me always makes me think of our strong bonding. As do all the things together without getting tired. But, sorry dude, you are no more young now. Happy birthday, oldie.

109. Today you smile for everything, listen to that…. don’t worry, when the age is over, it becomes priceless antique … hahahahaha Happy Birthday!

110. I do not know whether to congratulate you or to express my condolences because the years have deteriorated too much, I hope and wish you a nice day, remember to be careful with your joints at this age. Happy Birthday.

111. Many many years ago when dinosaurs went extinct from the earth, the last egg was you and look at you now, still so young, just like a vampire. Happy Birthday!

112. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person in the world! Have a crazy donkey at your party that will beat you and make you cry. Enjoy your day!

113. Wish you a very happy birthday, Old man! Enjoy your days while you can.

114. Happy Birthday. Being young at heart is an issue… ..

115. Hundreds of birthday messages will arrive on Facebook or WhatsApp today, everything will be fun, beautiful, original, humorous, even there will be messages that will excite you, this will only be informative.

116. Happy Birthday! Have as much fun as you want, but not too much, you are at a vulnerable age.

117. Happy birthday! I wish you nothing, nothing at all. So I take my happy birthday back! Enjoy!

118. Another year, a less year: It is important that we enjoy it. Happy Birthday!

119. As it’s your birthday so you should get me some drinks and snacks. And forget about gifts. Happy birthday.

120. Do you think it is fun to be older? Wait until you see yourself in the mirror so you can laugh. Happy Birthday!

121. Your present is what you make it. So, I did not get you any present for your birthday. Happy Birthday!

122. Now let’s hug before you realize there is no gift. Happy Birthday!

123. With my solidarity for you who knows how to grow old happily … I wish you a happy birthday!

124. You must have thought that you aged like wine, but sorry, you didn’t. You are just a boring old person; no one wants to hang out with you. Happy Birthday!

125. Happy Birthday! May your age never show on your face and you can lie all your life about how younger you are!

126. I hope tonight’s party brings happiness and joy, so please don’t come to the celebration. Happy Birthday!

127. Dear Friend, you should be glad that you are born so we can celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday!

128. Could you please extinguish these candles or I shall call the fire brigade to do that. Do it fast I want to eat birthday cake. Happy birthday.

129. I know you’re pissed off because you have a birthday in front of me. Nevertheless, congratulations!

130. Laugh and smile as much as you want while you have teeth. Happy Birthday!

131. I did not get you any birthday gift, because I went to buy a donkey for you but it is expensive for you. Sorry, Happy Birthday!

132. if you can’t walk for years, jog; if you can’t jog, go on foot; if you can’t walk, use the stick. But don’t stop! Happy Birthday.

133. Your friendship is so important to me that I would like to share it with you a thousand years more … Congratulations on your day!

134. As you will grow older you will get wiser, no, but not in your case. You are just old. Happy Birthday!

135. Thankfully, Facebook reminds me of your birthday every day on this day, and thankfully there are emojis that keep me from writing birthday greetings, otherwise in days like today you wouldn’t know that I exist.

136. After so many days looking for a suitable gift for you, I have finally decided that everything you want will come true when you read this greeting … CONGRATULATIONS!

137. Age is only important if you are a cheese or a wine that we both will try at the birthday party you are invited to.

138. May all your dreams come true but I am afraid, if all the dreams come true then all your jealous people will die. Happy birthday.

139. For your birthday I wanted to give you something sweet, sweet and charming… but the postman let me get out of my envelope… .. happy birthday!

140. You are not special and nor your birthday! May you have an ordinary life and ordinary death! Smile if you can. Happy Birthday!

141. Another year, a little year; the most important thing is that we enjoy it. Congratulations!

142. If you celebrate your birthday you will grow old. Stop celebrating your birthday!

143. You don’t have to hide, you only have one year left. Happy Birthday!

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145. Hopefully these short funny birthday wishes and sayings would have been a great pleasure for you and would have given the person who had the birthday moments of fun and joy.

146. We believe that sometimes it is better to express our affection in an original way than the typical style we are used to. We hope to create the right surprises for everyone who reads our greetings. Share this post with people you think might be looking for Nice Nice Funny Happy Birthday.

147. OMG, today is your birthday, I wish you that at least you have a good day today.

148. Today is an important day when you can appreciate as many things as your memories and experiences that make you older, an interesting man for many women, but more than that, you should appreciate your original tooth friend and smile a lot to get it show, because you really don’t know how long he will be with you.

149. What can I say….? Be brave! It will get worse next year! Jokes aside, congratulations!

150. I wanted to send you something on your birthday but at the last moment I changed my mind.

151. Never lie about your age except in emergencies, for example when someone asks you how old you are. Happy Birthday!

152. You are smart, funny and a great human being, and I am a liar. Happy Birthday!

153. Happy birthday to you! Today I want you to know that if there will be an apocalypse, you will be the last person I will look for.

154. Happy birthday from the smartest, funniest, cute and genuine person to you! Enjoy your birthday!

155. May your social media page will be filled with lots of birthday wishes so that you become mad while reading those wishes. Happy birthday.

156. Every older person has a younger person who wonders: what the hell happened?

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