180 Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Dad – Happy Birthday Dad with Images

Birthday Wishes for Dad: Our fathers are the most important and valuable people in our lives. We will never pass up an opportunity to convey to them how much we value and respect them. The day we celebrate Dad’s birth is the ideal time to convey to him how much we value our relationship with him and how appreciative we are to call him our father. Dads should never feel excluded; they are deserving of all the love and admiration their children can muster. Even before you were born, your father was already hard at work, putting in a lot of effort and making a lot of concessions so that you could have a better life. No matter how old you are or how old your father is, you should never forget to let him know how much you care about him and how much you love him. Make your dad feel the warmth of your love and respect by sending him some alluring wishes and letting him know how much you respect him. Be sure to express your gratitude and best wishes for his birthday; let him know how much his presence in your life means to you.

The joy of a birthday celebration can’t be overstated. When it is your father’s birthday, the celebrations are multiplied by two. If you are looking for some birthday wishes for your dad or a collection of sample birthday messages for your dad, here are some creative suggestions for you to consider using. Since a birthday only comes around once a year, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to wish your father a happy birthday by saying something truly remarkable and moving to him on this special day. The process of selecting the most heartfelt birthday greetings for dad should be treated as an art form. Because of this, we make sure to include birthday wishes for Dad from both the daughter and the son, as well as both ends of the family.

Happy Birthday Day – These birthday greetings and messages have been crafted with some of the most enchanting words available, and they never fail to convey our profound love and compassion for our fathers. We hope you enjoy reading them. These thoughtful birthday wishes and messages for dad on his special day are sure to put a smile on his face and let him know how much you care about him. Happy birthday, dad! A father is an example to follow, an inspiration to many children beginning in childhood, and an individual who is there for us even in the toughest of times. It is his birthday today, and you are looking for some nice birthday wishes and birthday pictures for dad. However, it is not always that easy to put into words everything that you feel on someone’s birthday, so here are some amazing birthday greetings for dad, so that you can send this amazing man your best wishes on his special day.

Birthday Wishes for Father Quotes and Status with images

1. Happy birthday to my dad. Thanks for being my savior and giving me a life so beautiful.

2. Another incredible year is leaving, I have had amazing and beautiful experiences, but a new one has come with pure joys and joys to come. Happy Birthday Dad.

3. Even though the distance separates us physically, I want you to know that I miss you being mom and at home. You know if you need me no matter what time it is, call me. Happy Birthday.

4. Happy birthday dad! May God fills your life with a brighter smile and more joy than ever.

5. Happy Birthday, Dad! May the upcoming days of your life be filled with unbounded happiness and joy.

6. Unfortunately we cannot be with you on this birthday. Work and distance prevent us, but I want you to know that I will take your grandchildren with me on the next vacation and that we will enjoy this day together, even if it is a late festival. Happy birthday, father.

7. Dad, it breaks my heart to tell you that I can’t spend your birthday with you this year, but I will visit you as soon as I have a few days off. Congratulations, leave me some cake.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Dad

8. Congratulations dad, on completing another glorious year of your life. May God bless you with many more happy years to cherish. Happy birthday.

9. Happy birthday dad. Thank you for being so kind and lovable. I feel the luckiest, cause I’m your son.

10. This year I wanted to celebrate it with something that will bring great memories to both of us: a barbecue in the garden. I am sure that today we will relive all these funny and wonderful memories of that time. Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy it with your whole family and friends.

Happy Birthday Papa Wishes Quotes and Messages

11. Happy birthday daddy dearest. Wishing you a birthday celebration worth remembering.

12. Thank you for being so loving to me that you raised me to be the woman I am today, that you are always there, that you are so noble and kind, honest and fair, strict and loving at the same time. Thank you for being my father. Happy Birthday.

13. Best wishes to you as you’re celebrating your (number/date) birthday, dad. May God bless you and keep you happy always.

14. Happy birthday papa. Many happy returns of the day. I love you more than I can ever tell.

15. Happy birthday daddy. No matter how mature I grow. I will always be your little girl. I love you.

16. You are the man I love most in my life and on this special day I wanted to tell you how important you are to me and how blessed I feel that a great man like you is my father. You are honest, hardworking, noble and a little strict. Thank you for raising me, loving me and loving me, every day, all these years. You are the best. Happy Birthday Dad.

17. Happy Birthday, Dad! The only thought that gives me mental strength is that you’re always there to support me whatever the situation comes. Words cannot express how much love and respect I have for you. Thank you dad for being my biggest support! I love you!

18. Happy Birthday Dad! On your special day, I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and your grandchildren. You were a wonderful father and grandfather. I hope that this year comes good news and good luck for you. I love you.

19. Thanks to everything you have taught me since childhood, I have an excellent job today, the woman of my dreams and the most wonderful children in the world. On this day I wish you all the best that we enjoy the great time as a family and that the cake is delicious…. Happy birthday old man!

20. Today is the most important day of my role model, a great man who has done great things in his life, yours. How proud to know that you are my father and to have the joy of growing up by your side. Happy Birthday Dad.

21. Dad, thank you for being so incredible all these years. You were my role model, and for everything you taught me, I am proud to have the position I now have, to be married to a wonderful woman and to have wonderful children. I wish you good luck and happy birthday on this beautiful day.

22. Dad, you were my hero from childhood, my role model, my support when everything looked gray and my prank partner when everything glowed. Thank you for being the great father that you are. Happy Birthday.

23. Dad, best wishes to you on your birthday. Stay healthy and safe. Love you.

24. Daddy, thank you so much for being so loving and kind to me. You are a great person who has given so much to others without expecting anything in return. You will always be my source of support when things are not going as I expected, whom I seek advice from at work and whom I turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on. Happy Birthday.

25. It breaks my heart not being able to be with you on this special day. Still, I want you to know that I love you very much, that you are the best father a person has ever had, and I wish you can enjoy today with family and friends, laughing and partying. Happy Birthday Dad.

Birthday Wishes for Father, Quotes and Status with images

27. Today is a special day because it is the birthday of the man who gave me life and who has become my role model, inspiration and most sincere support. Thank you dad, but most of all, thank you for being here. Happy Anniversary!

28. Thank you for being the superman in my life. You always made me feel special with your love and care. Happy birthday to dad!

29. It is said that children are the gift that God gives to parents, but I was the one who received the greatest gift from everyone, because I have you as my father for my birthday, dear father! Thank you for existing.

30. While everyone was busy looking for a best friend in high school and later on, I knew I have you; thanks for making me feel like that! Happy birthday father!

31. Happy birthday father! May this birthday fill up your life with love, joy, and happiness.

32. You always make me feel safe and secure with your unconditional love. I want more years to spend with you. Happy birthday dad!

33. Dad, you’ve always been a great inspiration to me! Thanks for always staying by my side. Today I want to tell you that I am forever grateful to have you as my dad. Happy birthday!

34. Happy birthday dad! I wish nothing but absolute best for you as this is what you truly deserve! Proud to call me your son!

35. Thank you for always encouraging me, father. Cherish every day with every blessing life has offered you. Happy birthday.

36. You make me feel grateful not only because you are an awesome dad but also because you are a perfect human being. It’s a blessing to be a part of you. Happy birthday father!

37. You have been there for me since the day I was born; I want you to be there for me till my last breath! I love you, daddy; thanks for always believing in me.

38. What a joy to be able to celebrate another birthday next to you. I hope that there will be a lot more and that life will allow us to continue to be with us: Congratulations, Dad! I love you very much.

39. Because more than a father you have been a teacher of life who, with his values ​​and teachings, allowed me to become a great woman Thank you Dad for being in my life, I hope it will be until God decides. Happy Birthday!

40. May the coming years of your life be filled with unlimited happiness and joys. Happy birthday to the most amazing dad ever!

41. Dear dad, on your birthday, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration, a friend, and a teacher to all of us, Happy Birthday!

42. Dad! Your grey hairs are memories of how terrible I was as a child. Hats off to your patience and happy birthday.

43. Because of you, I am who I am, because you have taught me everything I know and guided me so that I can be a good person today. I don’t know what would become of me without you and for that I thank you and wish you a happy birthday, Dad! I thank you infinitely.

44. Congratulations on your anniversary, dear father! I just want you to know that I admire nobody more than you and that you are the example I want to follow. Because you are amazing and how you are is my greatest wish.

45. I have never met a happier, loving and more devoted man for his family than you, Dad, and so you are my pride and the first love that I will always keep in my heart. I love you endlessly.

46. On this beautiful day, a man who has been my role model and companion throughout my life celebrates his birthday. It’s your birthday, Dad, and I can’t hide how happy I feel. May you experience the most beautiful moments today and fulfill all your wishes: Congratulations!

47. The family is celebrating because today is someone very special anniversary: ​​Happy Birthday Dad! We all love you and wish you all the best for your day.

48. May God give you long life and always keep you happy and healthy. Happy birthday, dad!

Happy Birthday Papa Wishes, Quotes and Messages

50. I am never able to find a gift that can represent all the love I feel for you. Happy birthday, father.

51. Father, I hope that this new year will be filled with joy, health and prosperity so that every day in your life can be pleasant, because nobody but you deserves the greatest honor. Happy Birthday.

52. Wishing to the Almighty for your better health and great days in the future. May you always be happy because you deserve it. Many happy returns of the day, dad.

53. Nothing in this world can stop me because I know I have you by my side. Happy Birthday Dad.

54. Dear father, thank you for sharing your great knowledge, experience and wisdom with me, thank you for believing in me and for being with me when I needed it most. I wish you a day full of great joy and a year full of good experiences. Happy Birthday.

55. Dad! You are my superhero. And I wish nothing but the absolute best for my superhero. Happy birthday to you.

56. Congratulations to the man who taught me how to get up and succeed after a defeat. I love you dad.

57. Father, now that I have children, I think of you more every day. Raising her is not as easy as I thought it was a complicated task because you have to be patient, kind and sometimes a little strict. Thank you for being a wonderful father all these years, and now, more than ever, you are my role model. Congratulations from me and your grandchildren.

58. On this amazing day, the birthday of the greatest, most honorable, honest and noblest man I know. All these years you have taught yourself to be who I am, and I am very grateful, even in those moments when you were a little stricter, because all of this shaped me and gave me all the values ​​that lead me to it have brought to be the man that I am now. Thank you for being my father, happy birthday.

59. In my life I have met many people I know that if they were lucky enough to have an amazing father like you, they would be better people. Thank you for being my father and I wish you a happy birthday.

60. My warmest wishes to the wisest and friendliest father. You are the man I always wanted to be I hope your day is incredible. Happy Birthday Dad.

61. Happy birthday to my first best friend, mentor, inspiration, and hero. I love you, dad!

62. Congratulations on your (number/date) birthday, papa. Thinking about you and sending you warm wishes. Stay safe!

63. Thank you dad for always supporting me and not letting me give up. Undoubtedly, all of the successes I have achieved are largely due to the enthusiasm you showed me at the time. Happy birthday, you are definitely the best father in the world.

64. I may not be the best kid, but you’ve always been the best father. Happy birthday papa!

65. When I see you happy and smiling, my whole world lights up. Happiest birthday to you, dad.

66. Thanks for making all the sacrifices silently and working hard all day and night just to get us a better life! I love you, happy birthday dad!

67. How happy I am to call this man so wonderful and kind, Dad. Happy birthday, old man.

68. I feel truly lucky to have such a loving, caring, and encouraging father. Wishing you an entirely peaceful day, full of pleasant and joyful moments!

69. At birth I was blessed from day one because God rewarded me with the best father in the world. Happy Birthday.

70. Thanks, Dad, for your unconditional love and support. Without you, I couldn’t have come this far. Happy Birthday.

71. Dad, I’m thankful for all the priceless things you’ve given me in life. I hope this special day is full of wonderful surprises.

Happy Birthday Dad Quotes, Wishes, Messages and Images

73. You taught me how to ride a bike, you were at my first soccer game and at every important moment with me. For that and a lot more, today is your birthday, I want to thank you and tell you that you are the most incredible man I have ever met. Happy birthday, dad. You are great!

74. Because you gave me life and accompanied me with every step I took, I would like to wish you a happy birthday today and ask for a shower of blessing. Because you deserve that and much more, happy birthday, dad!

75. Thanks to all of your valuable teachings and great advice, today I have the joy of being an independent woman, a fighter, a dreamer. You are the best father in the world because you not only taught me to brush my teeth and ride a bike, but you also taught me to be honest, persistent and a lady. Happy Birthday Dad.

76. Dear Dad, you gave me the gift of life, and even if I can’t give you something so wonderful, I hope that my eternal love and gratitude will be more than enough for you: Happy Birthday!

77. You taught me everything I know and have been walking next to me since I was a baby. Today, on your birthday, I would like to use this special occasion to thank you so much and to tell you that I love you, even if I don’t always show it: Congratulations on your anniversary, Dad!

78. Dear father, it is your birthday and you do not know how happy I am to be able to share this special day with you. May God bless you and give you good health so that you can stay with us for many years to come – congratulations, Dad!

79. Today is the birthday of a very special person for me, who has been my role model since the day I was born and who makes me more proud every day to be his son. Happy birthday, dad. Have fun!

80. No matter what age, no matter if I’m already a woman, I’ll always be daddy’s girl. Happy Birthday.

81. Dad, I want you to know that everything you have taught me, all your wise words, and your sincere advice have served me well throughout my life. You are the one who pushed me to make my dreams come true, to fly high and not fear failure, because I can always get up and try again. You are the best father in the world, happy birthday.

82. For a wonderful, loving and committed father: Congratulations on your anniversary! My brothers and I are grateful to have you in our lives and we pray to God that your presence will accompany us for an eternity. We love you with all our hearts.

83. Father, you are my hero, my role model, I look at you and I know that ultimately I want to become a man like you. Happy Birthday.

84. Because I owe everything that I am to you, dad, today I would like to ask Heaven to fill you with blessings, health and prosperity, and that we never lack to celebrate more days with you like this: Happy Anniversary !

85. You are like a big tree that shares its fruits, flowers and shadows with your whole family. Happy Birthday Dad.

86. Because God has given me the happiness and happiness of having a father like you, I ask him today to bless you and allow you to add many more years of life so that we can always celebrate them together as a family: congratulations , Dad! I love you.

Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

88. Daddy, you’ve given me so many invaluable things in life and I will always be grateful for them. May your special day bring you plenty of wonderful surprises!

89. Happy birthday to the most handsome and kindest man I have ever seen! I love you always forever.

90. Happy birthday to the man I love and look up to more than any other.

91. Dad, many happy returns on your birthday. You’re my first love, and I can’t love any man more than I love you?

92. You have always made me feel loved and cared for. I hope I make you feel the same. Happy birthday, daddy dearest.

93. Dad, you’re the greatest. It’s not just because you’re there for me through good times and bad. It’s also because you make the bad times good with your amazing love and support. Happy birthday!

94. May you witness an unlimited amount of joy in the future years and expand through great possibilities. I love you so much, happy birthday.

95. Happy birthday to the friendliest father around the whole universe. You’re the living proof that a father could be a best friend to his daughter.

96. Thanking you for staying by my side since day 1. May your life gets showered with comfort and joy. I love you, daddy. Happy birthday!

97. You are my real hero who has never stopped inspiring me to be a better human being. Thank you, my superman, I love you always and forever.

98. Happy birthday, my dear papa. First, you’ve given me life, then love and laughter. You’ve given me the best things. Thanks for that. I love you so much!

99. I am lucky that I love my father with all of my heart. I am really lucky to have a father that loves me with all of his heart. Happy Birthday.

100. I don’t know how you always seem to make me smile when I am at my lowest. Thanks for bringing happiness into my life. Happy birthday, my best man!

101. Lots of love and kisses to my daddy on his birthday. Enjoy your special day and chill your heart out. Take care!

102. Why do I need any genie when my dad fulfills my wishes. Happy birthday, dad, and thanks for everything!

103. Daddy, your unconditional love has helped me to feel safe, warm, and secure. Thank you for everything, Happy Birthday!

104. Thank you for being such an amazing and supportive friend. I feel lucky to have you as my dad. Happy returns of the day, daddy.

105. Happy birthday to the sweetest father in the world! You are like the sun to me that shines on me constantly.

Birthday Wishes for Dad from Son

107. I am amazed at how great you handle things like a professional. Thanks for always being in charge. May God bless you.

108. Dad, you’re not a king, but deep in my heart, you’re something more than that. And, on your birthday I want to thank you for treating me like a prince.

109. Dad, you’re one in a million. No, one in a billion. Actually, one in a trillion. In other words, you’re one of a kind. The best, most loving kind. Happy birthday!

110. Owing to your care and inspiration, I learned to love life and truly believe in myself. You are my teacher and my guide. Stay awesome, dad, happy birthday!

111. Happy birthday, papa! I wish every day to become half as amazing as you are! You are the best.

112. Best wishes to my daddy on his birthday. Being your son and carrying your genes feels awesome.

113. I am lucky that I was given the best father in the world, a father who truly loves me with all of his heart. Happy Birthday, dad!

114. Dad, when everyone calls me handsome, I just smile and think of you. Guess why? I’m your biggest fan and the closest follower. Happy birthday.

115. I wish to spend more time with you, pops. Keep your smile on and enjoy the day to the fullest. Happiest birthday to you.

116. Thank you for always having my back even when I couldn’t keep my faith in myself. You are the best dad I could have asked for. Happy returns of the day.

117. I‘m so proud to have such a great father like you and I will always cherish all the priceless lessons that you have given me! Have a wonderful birthday, dad!

118. Thank you for being my first best friend. I cannot imagine to even survive my days without you. Happy birthday, my superhero.

119. Happy birthday to my father. Sending you love and praying for your health and happiness.

120. I don’t usually say how much I love you and how much you mean to me. But today I want to say that I love you. Happy birthday, Dad!

121. Thank you for being my father, friend, and teacher. I look up to you more than I love you. Respect for my pops on his day.

122. Wishing the happiest birthday to the coolest papa. I’m proud to be your son.

123. You are an inspiration, you make days brighter and night warmer. Thank you for always staying by my side. I love you so much.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad and Birthday pictures

125. God blessed us with your presence in life. May he bring peace in your mind and make you glorious above all. Happy birthday!

126. There are not enough birthday words for a father like you, because a man who is so incomparable deserves more compliments and congratulations than a son like me can write. So I’m just going to say I love you, and I’m going to try to show you actions, more than words.

127. God blessed my life with your presence; may he bless your life with love, happiness, and better health! Happy birthday, dad.

128. Oh dear Lord, bless my father with happiness on his birthday. And let goodness and success accompany him throughout life. Happy birthday dad.

129. May your life be showered with comfort and merriment are by the grace of God for you dedicated your entire life to raising me as a god-loving person. Happy birthday Baba!

130. I’ve looked like a maniac for a father’s best birthday words, and I haven’t found a phrase that sums up all the love I have for you and the good wishes I have for you. That’s why I decided to give you a very big hug that expresses what I couldn’t say in words.

131. My prayers on this day are that God gives me many more years to spend with you, to learn from you, and to become a religious person like you. Happy birthday!

132. May God gives you the highest reward in life for devoting your entire life to serve the purpose of God. You are truly the most wonderful dad in the world. Happy birthday!

133. In this maze of the world, I want you forever by my side. I pray to God to give you my age too. Happy birthday, my dear father.

134. God is kind enough as He sent you as my father. On your birthday, I’m praying that He will bless you and keep you happy always.

135. The distance prevents me from being with you and giving you the strong hug that I want so much. Still, I’m sending you my love from where I am, and I ask God to make this a special day: Happy Birthday Dad! I will be with you soon and we will celebrate together as it should be.

136. Today you are starting a new page in the book of your life and only wish that it is full of joy, love and many special moments with your family. Because we all love you, Dad, and we just want you to be happy: Congratulations on your day!

137. Praying to god for you, for your betterment and better health! Happy birthday, dad! Thanks for being my no. 1 MVP! I love you so much.

138. Happy birthday papa. May God grant your wish and give you whatever you need. You’re in my prayers.

139. Because you deserve a special day, surrounded by love and many smiles, we ask God to make the most of your birthdays: Congratulations, Dad!

140. Almighty blessed my life when he chose you to be my father; may he bless you enough to outlive a good and healthy life! Happy birthday, dad.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad

142. Happy birthday to my sweet dad. You have always given so much to others and we are so grateful for that. I hope you spend your day with your sheer enjoyment.

143. You have filled me with the greatest and purest love in the world since I was born, and although I am no longer a baby, you still treat me like your little princess. Thank you Dad for being so incredible. I hope that life will reward you with great luck. I love you and wish you all the best for your wedding day.

144. Happy birthday dad. Don’t count the candles, don’t count your teeth. Don’t count your gray hairs, too; just grab a beer and chill.

145. Every moment is good when it comes to reminding our loved ones of how much we love them, and today I would like to use your birthday to tell you with my heart in hand that I am entering you and that you are the best You are the father of the world: congratulations, dad! I wish you all the best.

146. Dear dad, mom would be so angry if I told her half of my friends to have a crush on you. You look so young and handsome even at this age. Happy birthday!

147. I wanted to send you a funny birthday message to make you laugh, but then I realized you are already too happy to have a son like me. Happy birthday!

148. To me, you are a superhero who can do the impossible but just can’t figure out who stole the money from his wallet. You are just too cute! Happy birthday, father!

149. I am impressed that even though the number of candles on your cake increased, your sense of humor didn’t lose its touch. Happy birthday.

150. Ageing backward should be considered as a crime. Don’t worry; no one will find out about this crime of yours as long as I have access to your wallet. Happy birthday papa!

151. Happy birthday dad! And no! I am not the only one responsible for all your grey hair, just admit it already that you are getting old! I love you anyway, dad!

152. Happy Birthday Dad! You surely gave us some amazing genes but not the ones that allow you to age backward. We are disappointed!

153. Dad, you are my shelter, just like the shade of a tree. Thanks for always being there for me. Happy birthday!

154. What pride I feel every time I hear you call me “son” and you don’t know what joy I have in me because I have a father like you. You are more than I could wish for and I love you like no other on earth. Happy Birthday Dad! You are phenomenal.

155. Happy birthday to the adorable dad who will loosen his pockets and tighten his hugs for me just with a small tug.

156. I hope you continue to guide me in the upcoming years just like the past ones. Happy birthday to the best dad ever.

157. Here are too many more bad jokes and not-so-funny memes. I love you, my man! Happy birthday, dad!

158. Hey dad, many happy returns of the day. Let us party till your bedtime to the fullest! May we rock the floor groovier than last year.

159. You have always been the most supportive and friendly dad in the world. Happy birthday to you. You are truly one of a kind!

Happy Birthday Dad Quotes

161. Thank you for always showering us with your kindness and fatherly love. Thank you for making our life beautiful with your existence. Happy birthday dear father.

162. Dad, thank you for being the most wonderful man in the world, for teaching me and my siblings so much, and for loving mom more every day. Thanks to you, I can say today that I have the perfect family: Happy Birthday!

163. There can be no better occasion than this to let you know how grateful I am to you for always showing me the right way in life. Happy birthday dad!

164. I knew that you were my secret Santa every time but I kept on pretending that I didn’t know who it was to keep all my wishes coming true! Happy birthday dear father!

165. Some heroes don’t wear capes; instead, they make bad puns. Well, you are a hero, dad. Happy Birthday!

166. You are the source of my courage and encouragement. I don’t ever feel hopeless in life because I know you are always there to hold me up. Happy birthday!

167. Happy birthday, father! I hope and wish every day to become half as amazing dad as you are! Thanks for believing in me and being there for me! Hope you have a great day!

168. I don’t need Aladdin’s genie to fulfill my wishes in life because I have my dad. Happy birthday, papa. I’m proud to be your son.

169. I am lucky to call you my father. You are the best father anyone can ask for. May you shine bright than the diamond. I love you so much, dad.

170. I know I have never been the perfect kid for you, but you should know that you have always been the perfect dad for me! I could not have asked for anyone else as my dad, happy birthday!

171. You have given me life, love, and laughter. What else I can wish for. Happy birthday to the most lovable dad in the world!

172. Anyone noticed before that the worse a dad’s jokes are, the better father they are? So now we got why your dad jokes are awful. Anyway, Happy Birthday, dad!

173. How sad I am that I can’t be with you on this special day. But I want you to know that you are always present in my head and in my heart, and especially today, on your birthday, congratulations, dad! I will be with you soon.

174. You mean everything to me. Without you, I could never be the person I am today. Thank you, dad! Happy birthday!

175. Dear father, I know that we had our differences and that I may not be everything you wanted, but I want you to know that I still love you with all my heart. I hope that this day will be a day of joy and that it will bring the best for you: Happy Birthday Dad!

176. I hope that someday I will be a good father to my kids, just like you were to me and still now. And many, many happy returns of the day, dad!

177. Happy birthday, daddy! I can’t imagine a day without you. You are the best dad ever!

178. You are my true hero! You have always inspired me and will always continue to do so. Thanks for being my friend rather than just being my dad! Happy birthday!

179. Dad, it’s your birthday and our thanksgiving day. Thank God for all the delicious food, and thank you, dad for bringing them to our table.

180. Happiest birthday to the most handsome and kindhearted man I have ever known! I always wanted to grow up to be somebody like you. You made me believe that this world is beautiful!

181. Happy birthday to the most caring and supportive father out there. I know you are always here for me just like how I’m here for you!

180 Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Dad – Happy Birthday Dad with Images

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