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Top 5 Best VLC Alternatives for Windows

VLC — a free, open source multipurpose media player that is sophisticated enough to all what you need to play in your windows box.

If you might be looking for a different experience than that VLC offers — who doesn’t like a change!. we have compiled best media players to form a list of top 5 VLC Alternatives!

1. GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player comes straight from GOM Lab, a developer of media-based software! GOM Media Player is a full-fledged VLC alternative that can support a wide range of media formats, including video and audio.

we can say that GOM Player would be impressive VLC alternative if you prefer simple-looking media player with enhanced features.

  • Price: Free
  • Availability: Windows Only (Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP SP2 or higher)


2. KM Player

KM Player would be a good VLC alternative when you are looking for a bit more enhanced software for your PC. One of the major reasons that made KM Player popular is its support for a wide range of formats, such as MKV, OGG, 3GP and FLV etc. And, in general, those who have tried KM Player have somewhat been forced to stick onto the player, as KM Player offers a lot, for both common and advanced movie freaks. Well, it’s not only about movies, but KM Player can be a good audio player too — just like VLC.

  • Price: Free
  • Availability: Windows only; apps are available for Android & iOS


3. DivX Player

DivX Player is not just a mere media player that plays your media files, but offers a lot more than that! if you are looking for a VLC alternative because you think VLC isn’t that good when it comes to handling High-Quality files, it would be best to choose DivX Player. It is so, because DivX Player offers dedicated support for 4K Ultra HD Video popular media formats like MKV, MP4 and AVI.

  • Price: Free
  • Availability: Windows only


4. Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema is yet another software you can depend upon when you are fed up of VLC!

this lightweight media player is too efficient, especially when it comes to handling media files that are labelled ‘heavy’. It is minimal design with powerful features or just looks! If you prefer the former, just go with Media Player Classic – Home Cinema.

  • Price: Free
  • Availability: Windows Only


5. RealPlayer Cloud

RealPlayer Cloud is actually a VLC Player alternative than watching your videos in PC, you will be able to share these videos into your Cloud space,  RealPlayer Cloud lets you stream the content to your HDTV or some big screen using corresponding apps or Chromecast.

  • Availability: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows 8


So, here we end our list of top five VLC Media Player alternatives! We hope you’d be happy to know that all the VLC alternatives are free, or at least have a free version.

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