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What Why Where Micro Content Sharing

Micro Content Sharing

What is the Micro content sharing and where it use. Micro-content is tiny idea tell about the main story with entire details. Today lot of micro-content sharing sites are available at the fast growing webs. See example the twitter is the best micro-content. The tiny sharing content happy and sorrow everything has without explanation. Some Pinterest image tell the story about entire concept, yes you live without micro content. 

Now a day sharing is very popular with help of Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and video ( YouTube ) . If you like some post or photo you can share entire world with single click button.  


Why micro content

micro–content is popular for their simple and easy creation reach the audience with effective concept. You can create micro-content less then minute.


Tiny Tools will help You

I discovered some blogs have micro content sharing with help of tiny tool. Yes I saw that as I was mousing over images and content,  it was giving me an option to share the images or selected content to share social networks. This very cool tool help to share and drive traffic.


Micro-content will increase my Blog Traffic

Yes, definitely it will increase your traffic handsomely . you need some follow method regularly. After creating post and article link to the Facebook and Google+. Your post or article have the image with some quote and share to pinterest, instogram and twitted the concept. you can create post or article concept into PowerPoint slide and share the Finally you create some video of the article concept and published on YouTube,Vimeo and other video sharing sites. Vine is the best tool to create video clips your post or article concept. It is free available to download.


Micro-content Tools




The above three tools are famous and easy to install on your blog or website. Follow the link and share your content.


Promote your post

This is concept of What Why Where Micro Content Sharing. Share and get the People. You follow this  ways you can use micro-content to invite your fans and followers back to your blog or website:


Final word from Author

Micro-content best example is Thirukural. It is small two line have the huge concept inside. Search It

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