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Top 10 Rajinikanth Special Ways That Will Help You React To Life’s Important Moments


Indian cinema’s Thalaivar turns 64 today. Rajinikanth has acted in over 170 films across various film industries such as Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, English and Bengali. Super Star Rajinikanth was born on December 12 1950 in Karnataka, India. – here’s our guide to help you channel your inner superstar. via buzzfeed

1. When you spot bae across the room and mmmm.

Rajinikanth 1

2. When your boss makes a terrible joke but you have to laugh because it’s your boss.

Rajinikanth 2

3. When your payday arrives earlier than all your friends’.

Rajinikanth 3

4. When you mistakenly trust your friends to choreograph your sangeet dance.

Rajinikanth 4

5. When your physics teacher starts talking.

Rajinikanth 5

6. When your talkative coworker starts telling you about their weekend in great detail.

Rajinikanth 7

7. When you have a special date planned and all your friends try to crash it.

Rajinikanth 8

8. When you need a personal moment to appreciate your own awesomeness.

Rajinikanth 6

9. When you’re so badass that you need to temporarily put life on hold just to revel in your own badassery.

Rajinikanth 9

10. When you have a brilliant thought and need to congratulate your brain for coming up with it.

Rajinikanth 10

And when people try to tell you Rajinikanth isn’t a big deal.

Rajinikanth 11

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