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Top 10 Duplicate File Finder Free download

Duplicate files are a real pain in the neck of every computer for day by day users. You may not realize how many duplicate files you have after downloaded many files from the Internet or duplicate files scattered over your home or office. They accumulate on your hard drive or SSD waste disk space and make you confused when you can’t tell which is which. Worse still, they can slow down your computer and make tasks like disk. This is why deleting duplicate files is a must. The duplicate remover uses fast binary comparison algorithm and has internal preview supporting a lot of image, video, music and text file formats.

Deleting duplicates files will help to speed up indexing and reduces back up time and size. Your computer is n’t fully optimized until you remove all unnecessary clone files.

Duplicate file

1. Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder freeware is the best find duplicate files in a folder, computer or entire network. The application will compare the content of the files and will find duplicates even if they are using different file names. It will analyze the file data in order to find similar files and not just file attributes like name and size as the standard clone removers do. It uses advanced algorithms while searching for similar files and provides accurate results.  It can also preview the common file formats.

When the scan process is finished, the program shows all the duplicated files in groups and can automatically mark the oldest for deleting. There is an option to protect system files and folders that is enabled by default and guarantees that the application will not remove any critical system files. Download this FREE duplicate finder and recover up to 50% free space. Free download here

2. Duplicate Files Finder

Duplicate Files Finder is a cross-platform and open source application for finding and removing duplicate files by deleting. A special algorithm minimizes the amount of data read from disk, so the program is very fast. this utility free ware solution is for your hard disk space. Free download here

3. Free Duplicate File Finder

Free Duplicate File Finder is the one of the best free tool designed to find and delete duplicate files over home and corporate network. Its technology impressive action Fast byte-to-byte and CRC32 comparison gives you the most accurate results. Free duplicate file finder searches duplicate file contents regardless of filename. whatever you likes you can be remove, moved, or copied. Deleting duplicates will help to speed up indexing and reduces back up time and size. Free download here

4. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

This is another free duplicate finder. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder you can easily scan the selected folders or drives. Even though it looks basic, it has a lot of handy features. File Finder features a clear, simple interface that takes you step by step through the analysis and deletion process. It’s also surprisingly quick at scanning the hard drive.. This program is very easy to use, but scanning your whole drive using comparison by content will take a while because that’s a pretty slow search method. Free download here

5. Easy Duplicate Finder

If you want feature rich duplicate finder that can do some very advanced duplicate detection and deletion, then Easy Duplicate Finder is the best one in this field. These methods are very effective for finding duplicate files and the byte-by-byte algorithm guarantees 100% accuracy. In addition to advanced duplicate comparison methods, Easy Duplicate Finder has useful file management features, such as live preview, file groups. The program is very easy to use because it has a very intuitive interface. Just drag & drop folders into the program window and start the scan. Easy Duplicate Finder will do the rest and make your PC or Mac free of annoying dupes. It’s amazingly fast, accurate and a breeze to use. Free Download here

6. Anti-Twin Duplicator Finder

Anti-Twin is one of the small version software but powerful rich feature compared to the paid one. This  software application which compares files, i.e. it searches for duplicate or similar files on your hard disk drive. All similar or identical files that were found can either be sent to the recycle bin or directly deleted. This will increase the hard disk space on your computer. Free Download here

7.Duplicate Photo Cleaner

This is a very special program that can help photographers manage their photo libraries and free up lots of space. Unlike a general purpose duplicate finder, this tool specializes in image comparison. It can detect duplicate images in all popular formats. This feature is great for finding resized and edited photos. It’s also great for getting rid of photos with incorrect exposure and focus settings. Free download here


CCleaner is the most famous and free PC cleanup utility. It has simple, one click easy remove your temp and  basic features, but they are great for quick cleanup. The good news is that now CCleaner includes a duplicate file finder. It’s a simple basic feature one because it can only compare files by name, size and date. CCleaner free download here

9. VisiPics

This is a another handy duplicate photo finder that works on cross platform machines. Even though it’s very basic, it’s handy if you are a photographer. This program is open source, which means that it’s free to use. VisiPics free download here

10. DupliFinder

DupliFinder is a good tool for scanning folders and photos for duplicates. It is however, almost a little too thorough, matching up photos that have anything resembling similar pixel features. but for a bit more control over how the search goes down, Duplicate File Finder free download here


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