The Success Indicator – Successful People VS Unsuccessful People

Everyone wants to be successful.

Success comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Everyone defines success through their own lens of life experience.

One thing we all have in common though is the opportunity to learn from those who are already successful.

In study after study you will find similar habits among those who aresuccessful and well…those who arnt.

Let’s take a look at some of those habits… The Success Indicator – Successful People VS Unsuccessful People source


17 Habits of Successful People

“If you really want to succeed, form the habit of doing the things that people who are failures don’t like to do.”

  1. Have a sense of gratitude
  2. Compliment others
  3. Forgive others
  4. Accept responsibility for their failures
  5. Keep a journal
  6. Want others to succeed
  7. Keep a to-be list
  8. Set goals and develop life plans
  9. Continuously learn
  10. Operate from a transformational perspective
  11. Keep a to-do project list
  12. Embrace change
  13. Exude joy
  14. Share information and data
  15. Talk about ideas
  16. Read everyday
  17. Give other people credit for their victories

17 Habits of Unsuccessful People

“The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made.”

– Michael Meaney

  1. Have a sense of entitlement
  2. Criticize others
  3. Hold a grudge
  4. Blame others for their failures
  5. Say they keep a journal but really don’t
  6. Think they know it all
  7. Operate from a transactional perspective
  8. Secretly hope others fail
  9. Don’t know what they want to be
  10. Never set goals
  11. Exude anger
  12. Hoard information and data
  13. Talk about people
  14. Fly by the seat of their pants
  15. Fear change
  16. Watch TV everyday
  17. Take all the credit for their victories

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