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Step by Step Setup Blogger Custom Domain With Bigrock

 It is  best  time to change your BlogSpot sub domain to your Name domain like (.Com, .Net, Biz, Co) with easy step and little fee for first your

This post may show you How To Setup Blogger Custom Domain With Bigrock service. Every newbie start the blog from blogspot and, wordpress, with their baby steps. Then they grow up  blogger they need to address them self not depend on the parent steps. yes you will follow the Bigrock services is amazing with lightning fast domain registration with little fee and lot more promotion offer. Don’t miss that. My opinion is  WordPress which usually appears to be more complicated for newbie’s.
The Most of the bloggers change their own platform by blogger in order to WordPress since there are several extra supporting tools designed for SEO.

It is the first step to take to add a professional touch to your blog. And why not if you can buy a custom domain for your blog in almost $10 around 610 INR or even cheaper $1.6 around 99 INR. This is on promotion period.

How To Setup Blogger Custom Domain

The following now we presumed that you have already purchased custom domain, Then follow the below steps by steps easily converted into your
                        . how to purchase domain from Bigrock
1. Sign in for your Bigrock Account and choose your domain that you would certainly would like to configure.
DNS Management - Step 2
2. On your domain select the DNS Management from the suitable pane and select your Manage DNS link seeing that demonstrated from the below picture.
            Setup Blogger Custom Domain
3. You will be redirected to your fresh window. Right now we should create 2 CName data. one is goggle and another  one is blogspot  To join a CName report click on the
Add Cname records” under “Cname record“.
4. We will create two CName data. Create the very first a single by simply entering “www” inside the sponsor name and the worth as “” and lastly faucet on “Add Record“. That configures the bigrock for you to redirect the people to level all of them on ““.
Setup Blogger Custom Domain
5. Build the second history with the same value “” nevertheless leave the host name while empty. This gives them to become sent straight to ““. And so almost any user whom kinds within your site’s identify devoid of the prefix “www” is likewise redirected on the ideal web page.
6. The following part is always to configure this A Records. To the move to this A Records case along with visit “Add a record“.
7. We will create 4 A Records while using pursuing ipv4 addresses.


Leave the host name as empty and produce the primary ipv4 address inside “Destination IPv4 address” and also simply click “Add Record“.
Setup Blogger Custom Domain
8. Similarly create one other several A Records using the staying IPv4 addresses with and finally you must have lots of A Record such as the below image.
9. Now you have to create yet another CNAME File, For that you will be must Login directly into your blogger account, Go to Setting > Basic button, Find Website Address industry ClickAdd Customized Domain > Move to be able to advanced settings > Settings Recommendations Link.
Setup Blogger Custom Domain
10. Now you can find two option with that you’ve to select very first 1. Along with copy CNAME Record name and Value and copy and paste is usually with next thing.
11. Now again go to the “CNAME Records” Tab, In Name field put copy name with regard to CNAME Report No.2, And inside value field put copied CNAME Report No.2 (In next Option ), and visit “Add new Record” button.
12. Now again it is advisable to Go to setting > Basic button, Come across Website address field click on custom domain > Switch to be able to advanced settings > Put in your own custom domain URL in field in addition to visit “Save” button.          

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