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Scrap Metal Transform into Awesome Insects Beyond Belief

Scrap Metal Transform into Awesome Insects Beyond Belief Building art with scrap metal isn’t new, but the care, detail and work Edouard Martinet puts in his scrap metal insects is just stunning.

insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-1-640x464 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-2-640x963 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-3-640x963

insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-7-640x798 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-8-640x425

insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-10-640x426 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-11-640x426 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-12-640x427

insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-9-640x963 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-4-640x426 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-5-640x426

insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-17-640x558 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-13-640x470

insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-19-640x426 insect-sculptures-edouard-martinet-14-640x337

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