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Must have : Top 5 SEO Friendly and Responsive blog templates 2014

If you searching for the template for your blog, you see lot of website and blog provide good and bad product on the web. because they just share the template you have to download that’s all. but you must have some response before template download or purchase  for your blog. It is the key point of your blog. So you must know, what is SEO and response theme,professional outlook. how will effect your blog speed, niche and traffic.
Templates are the most important part of the blog. The template must be good, making your blog readable. Many new blogger have confusion in selecting new template. Many prefer to use the default template. In my view you must have premium template to make your dreams achieve in this field .you purchase and download whatever maybe you must consider this point.

What is a SEO friendly template?

SEO friendly can facilitate in gathering a lot of traffic from search engines. These templates are already on-page optimized which is able to undoubtedly bring profit to your blog within the rank and traffic.

Top 15 Premium SEO-optimized Templates

1.) Elice

url 10 Premium Looking Free Blogger Templates Of 2014

This is one of my favorite loading and seo friendly easy admin can modified  all without authors credit link

                       Live Demo   Download

2.) MBT Blogger

mybloggertricks blogger template 300x148 10 Best Premium and SEO Optimized Blogger Templates Download
MBT Blogger Template is a fully responsive and feature-rich template. One of its main advantages, you can customize via Blogger Template Designer dashboard. lot of future added this template you never miss this template.
             Live Demo        Download
3.) Minimum Template
minimum 10 Premium Looking Free Blogger Templates Of 2014
Minimum is well design for the good looking and moderated template .it simple give you the perfect seo and responsive layout, fast loading, simple and clean look, lot of customization added.
                      Live Demo           Download

4.) Blogify Responsive 

Premium and SEO Optimized Blogger Templates
Blogify is also good looking and responsive template from good feature and simple layout designed for your blog
                          Demo           Download
5.) Maggner

Premium and SEO Optimized Blogger Templates

Maggner is the well balanced and designed for the multi usage template you can love this design and feature.

              Demo                        Download

The above point are remember to apply on your blog
Must have : Top 5 SEO Friendly and Responsive blog templates 2014

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