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Must have : AdSense Optimized Blogger Template with fully Customizable Free download

Bloggeryard is the leading professional blogger template makers, and Tech Shadow is the best blogspot template and perfect blogspot themes under the premium blogger templates category and also, Seo friendly and Responsive blogger templates free download template are fully customizable. This blog template has “No restriction”, its free from the Bloggeryard. Thanks to the blogger Mohammed Yaqoob who helped to remove footer links and give the premium blogger template.  They have a beautiful article and tips, if you need access them.


                                   image       image
Blogspot themes or blogspot templates are of multiple option which helps to select before the
purchase or download your blog templates.

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Why you chose premium blogger templates?
Premium blogspot templates have fast loading and search engine friendly. The visitor is eye handy to improve to visit again and all widget are cable loading without delay.

Why  blogger templates are free download?
Now a days best and professional blogger templates are available at free download because they can load their footer links and advertise their blog templates with their name under your website and earn popularity by your hard works. that’s all they give Free…

Tech Shadow Blogger Template
It is different from this type of marketing style, they give their best. It is the free removable footer link which is always premium blogspot templates to the blogger community.

  • SEO Friendly: SEO is the most important one, so this template is search engine friendly.
  • Ads Ready (AdSense optimized)
  • Header Subscription Area: with Email and social icons.
  • Auto Thumbnail Post on Home: Auto thumbnail script which will automatically create the thumbnail posts on homepage.
  • Social Widget: We’ve also added our Socializer widget at the bottom of the every post.
  • Related Posts: This widget is important for every blog.
  • Three Column Footer: In the last it has had three column footer area and a cute back to top button.

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