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MT4 indicator (ToR_1.20k.mq4)

MT4 indicator (ToR_1.20k.mq4)

Trending or Ranging?

ToR_1.20k.mq4 indicator monitors CCI and ADX on multiple time frames to give you a sense of a trend and its direction.When the market is trending – use trend following indicators, when the market is ranging useoscillators and other momentum indicators or avoid trading (according to your plan).

How to tell if a market is ranging or trending. you find the answer you will win this games always.

Reading ToR indicator:

Green color – the trend is up, red – down, blue – ranging.

Arrows next to the indicator show the angle of the trend:

45 degree arrow – a trend is beginning,
90 degree arrow – a strong trend in place.
The squiggly lines represent a range – no trend.

In the Indicator settings window you can define what’s to be considered a trend for ADX  and set own CCI periods for all time frames.

Download MT4 indicator (ToR_1.20k.mq4)

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Download Instructions

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