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Midnight Mysteries 6 – Ghostwriting Collector’s Edition

Midnight Mysteries 6 – Ghostwriting Collector’s Edition

Ghostwriting Collector’s Edition Game for PC is going to help two well-known writers to survive in the dramatic situation. You’re no stranger to paranormal visitors showing up at Midnight, One of these characters is trying to force his creator to rewrite the book about him, to change his fate, and he will do anything for this! When Mary Dickens, Charles’ daughter, came to you, that fictional character decided to kill you! Download full version of Midnight Mysteries 6: Ghostwriting Collector’s Edition PC Game,

The Collector’s Edition Includes:

Shepherd’s Monument mystery in the bonus adventure
Achievement awards for your excellent game play
Bonus extras including music, concept art, cutscenes and wallpaper
An available Strategy Guide

Download Midnight Mysteries 6 – Ghostwriting Collector’s Edition

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