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megatrendfx Nitro version 5.00

MegaTrendFX Nitro + version 5.00

Megatrendfx Nitro version 5.00 latest 5NITRO The download + installation process is the same. If your email address has changed since your purchase or since receiving the latest 5NITRO+ upgrade on May 27 2014

Strength component has been improved with double the calculation providing greater precision and a wider analysis. The Strength calculation inside the meter and meter strength output has doubled. An additional strength measurement and strength reading has been added to the meter. In addition to the legacy 48 Bar lookback, a 24 Bar lookback has also been added and is the 2nd number to the right.

The longer lookback, 48 Bars, comprises 57% of the total SS weight, while 24 Bars makes up 43%. Accordingly, an extra 4 points or 5.5% of the total GLOBAL% has been given to Symbol Strength. These 4 points were taken from the Bottom 4 Boxes. 1 point from each Box, leaving them now with 3 points each. A User input for both of these lookbacks has been added in this 5th version.

The actual time frame from which the strengths are measured from is non-linearly higher when the meter is loaded on smaller time frames. This skew towards using higher time frames generally decreases as the time frame in which 5N+ is loaded on … increases.

New Metatrader 4 Build 769 now adds variable width to the One Click Panel. As with all previous updates dating back to 2010, all customers dating back to 2010 will receive the new download link to their email inbox when it is complete.

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