Limitation of Blogspot or Blogger Account

Blogger is a free and widely used blogging platform . If you have the Gmail account then you have access this blog service freely and you develop your first website without no money, easy setup. So beginner love this blogspot of free resource, easy to use and customize the layout without prier knowledge of website making. Google offer this service free and no restriction , If You have question, Yes they have limitation for their every product . It is also applicable.
Google words “We try to give you a lot of room to play here on Blogger” 
You can also host your own domain without paying for the server and there are more advantages with Blogger.  As a Blogger you should know all the limitations for Blogger account.

Blogger account suspension

Blogger as a Google service it has strict rules and if you violate Blogger’s Terms and condition your account will be suspended. Blogspot user will not get any warning or notification to ban blog account. You cannot use your account and no one can register the banned blog name if it gets suspended. No violate the rules it is the important.
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Limitation of Blogger account usages

 Blog limits
  1. Number of Posts: You can post unlimited and there are no any limits for posts. but per day you can post 50 only permitted. 
  2. Number of pages: You can create 20 static pages and not more than that. but some tricks are available, if you need more then 20 pages ( leave comment or email me, I will explained )
  3. Post size limit: There is no specific size limit for your individual blog post.
  4. Page size limit:  Each separate page  cannot have more than 1 Mb in size. If this limit exceeds then you will see an error message like this (006 please contact Blogger support).
  5. Blog Title: There is no limit for Blog titles. The best practice for SEO is to limit titles to 70 characters.
  6. Blog description: You can have up to 500 characters for your blog description
  7. Number of labels:  Labels are limited to 20 per blog post and 200 limited characters to permitted
Account limits
  1. Number of Blogs: You can create one or  Upton 100 blogs per account.
  2. “About Me” Profile Information: 1200 characters are allowed to describe yourself.
  3. Interests & favorites of yours :  your interests and favorites information are allowed  2000 characters.
  4. Team members : A blog can have 100 members and that’s the limit
  5. Number of comments: Each individual post can have unlimited numbers of comments until you close the comments
Media limits

Blogger Storage  ( photos & videos ) are stored in Picasa web albums in which you will get 1GB of free storage.

    Good News : Bringing it all together: 15 GB now shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos

    Life gets a bit easier when your Google products work well together, you’ll now get 15 GB of unified storage for free to use as you like between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. So happy news ha.. you doesn’t delete old posts or start new Blogs to avoid  paying charges. It’s Free….

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  1. Number of images: You can have as many images within combined account(If you’ve upgraded to Google+, your photos will be stored in Google+ Photos) 15 GB free space.
  2. Image size limit: There is no limit for image size but for page load speed it’s recommended you to compress images and upload.
  3. Video limit: videos you can upload have with 15 GB of free space in Picasa. but less then 15 minute the video file not countable so you can upload millions.15 Gb check< here>

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