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How to Use Amibroker


If you are new to the share market!  Are you facing trouble to find data feeder, trading system and trading software?  You can find trading software like Amibroker or Metatrader (MT4). Then how to use this system for trading purpose is the big question in front of you. Don’t worry this article will make your entire doubt clear, this will help your basic level, then you can develop  yourself if you are interested.

You can download Amibroker software here and then you can install it. Next step is how to use this Amibroker software. Amibroker is only trading software, it is not entire trading system, for this you must need data feeder. One can be downloaded here and the other one here, from here you can download this software and install.

Now you got your software and data feeder, what next? You must interlink these two software. By this, you get  full requirement of real time quotes of your script like nifty, Infosys and etc.  If you need trading strategy you can visit here.

Amibroker next level shortly

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