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How to redirect post or page after countdown delay and redirect to another page

Redirect your page to open another page or another website or download
(JavaScript: waiting 20 (you can change) seconds delay and auto redirects)

Auto redirects are used for the following reasons:

1) If your website or some webpages have been moved to another location.
2) To show advertisements and increase  impression or view the visitor forced to watch.
3) To increase the page rank of a particular page in the website that is highly optimized.
4) They can be used when error pages are encountered.
post redirct

The arrow indicate “” change into your target Url.

How to Redirect to work

1. you selected which page to be display, and above copy code into past on the html directly first image show on.

here place code

2. save and publish.

Then copy the page url and link to the “icon button” or “click here”

your redirection will be ready with 20 second delay and redirected… good blogging

any doubt post command I will explain more…

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