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How to Make Money in Forex without Investment

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Big No – Don’t think like this or anybody tell you make money without investment

Over 95% of people who trade Forex don’t make money.  They lose it.  However, that is because they do not take the time to develop the trading plan and discipline necessary to trader properly.  Here is how you should start….

First – LEARN
A good place to learn is Learn Forex Trading With They have a free “school” that will take you from the basics through the more advanced things you need to know to successfully trade in the foreign currency exchanges.

Before you start trading real money, you should take advantage of the practice accounts available.  Nearly EVERY broker has a practice/demo account available.  You really have no business trading real money until you can successfully double a demo account. Download some strategy here and test yourself

My Advice:
My advice is to focus first on risk management.  With appropriate risk management, you could lose more trades than you win and still come away positive for the day.

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