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How To Get AdSense Account within 5 hours

You surprise get AdSense Account within 5 hours, Every blogger dreams about ads revenue and get more from the hard earn blogging post. How they get this ads, lot of ads advertiser available in this market like yahoo ads, Clicksor, Infolink, Vigilink but Google AdSense is the best in this market for revenue sharing and good is the fast reliable source.
One more important is Google AdSense will give more money than other advertising sites.Early 2008 timings get the AdSense account is the easy one but today they have increase site rules, limits and tighten polices. Lot of rejection they have now days. How to get AdSense account within hours or without fails, That’s the magic.
Now days popular one method to get AdSense account without fail . This trick is working like Gems. Getting AdSense is easy by uploading videos on YouTube and by monetizing them. .Let me introduce how to get AdSense approval within 5 hours. Follow these 7 simple steps to get Google AdSense approval fast.
Step 1: Create a new Gmail account and sign in to YouTube
Step 2: Upload minimum five Quality videos of your own creation.
Step 3: Video manager —> Channel settings —> Monetization
Step 4: Click on How will I be Paid? — >  associate an AdSense account
Select your AdSense account and send application
Step 5: AdSense team will send confirmation email to your Gmail inbox.
It will take up to 5 hours.
After that sign in to your AdSense account — >  Account settings
Step 6: Access and Authorization — >  Sites authorized to show ads —>  edit
Enter your blog url (eg: then submit.
Step 7: After successfully creating AdSense account that link your blog, You will receive email to place ads on your site.Go to My ads and Create your first ads then place ads on your blogs.
Enjoy! This trick is defiantly working..If you have facing any problem, feel free and comment below to get solution.

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