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How to Bypass Surveys to Direct Download Files Easily

Surveys to Download Files

How to Direct Download Files Easily

Bypass Surveys to If the person doesn’t want to do the survey online then he/she has to avoid in having the file and the completion of all the surveys is to be done even one of them is done then also you can’t have the file.

Sometimes while performing the download process we all encounter a phase where to get the desired content through completing online surveys and have the direct download of the file.

XJZ Survey Remover Bookmarklet:

It is a good tool which allows you to avoid and bypass the surveys present on the site, just bookmarking it on the browser. XJZ Survey Remover is to be bookmarked on the browser; you have to copy the link on the bookmark bar of the browser.


After bookmarking it visit the site where you have to complete the survey to have the desired file and click on the saved bookmark to make the tool to work for clearing the surveys. On removing the window will come up stating that the survey has been removed and click on Ok to get the file.   

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