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How to backup your Blog post: Must read

Blog post are an endless work of the blogger. Is it safe on the free hosting company like Google blogspot or word press? Here comes a “Big No” from them. There is no other option to produce the blog with free resource so you must be very careful in this free blogging. This free resource is provided with certain rules and if you break that rules, Google has rights to delete your blogspot account and your entire work done will go within fraction of second. Hence, you can’t recover your data from the blogosphere. It is the true identification of the free hosting company.

Nobody is right? Therefore, you have to take care of your work and self discipline.

Here, I have not explained anything new, this can be seen already in the blogger community, but I will explain little handy work.

How to backup your BlogSpot post and template

blog and templat
This is your template backup                     This is your entire blog post backup

First Sign into your BlogSpot account and select your blog into backup


                 The below image looks your selected blogs

                 blofg selacted

2.                                                                                 Select backup and restore  
Select 1

                          backup 1
Download full template and store your computer in safe place. Now, your blog template is safe.

Now you backup your blog content

          1.  Select the settings
          2. Others
          3. Select export blog to entire content to your computer


              export blog

All has been done in your template and the content is posted safe.

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              blog and templat


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