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How To AdSense Asynchronous Ad Code Improve Your Earnings

Why you need to add Asynchronous JavaScript in your blog or website because it improve web latency and offer better users experience because they load in parallel and do not block other parts of your web page from loading. This means that users will be able to load the content of your pages, even if they are having trouble loading the ads.
This a good thing, because it lets your blog’s visitors see your posts more quickly. also your ads are more quicker then the before so you website or blog faster then ever before , because Google likes pages that load quickly.
Here’s how to implement the asynchronous ad code in Blogger:

First  How to Add the new AdSense script

First you need to add the asynchronous script near the top of your template.
Go to Template > Edit HTML and add this script before  </head> tag:
The Script like this…….
<script async=‘async’ src=”//”></script>
Yes finished your page will be more quickly open without delay.

How to implement Google AdSense asynchronous Method

The figure tell u everything Simply create a new ad on Google AdSense or edit the existing ones, you will notice drop down menu on the Code type field on your ad code section, select the asynchronous ad code and a new type of AdSense code will display. 
Now let  me explain what this code actually produce the best working methods of AdSense
1. <script async src=”//”></script>
the above code nothing about the header position we already add before the </head>
so you don’t need to add every ad code. Incase you just copy and past the ad code not affect you blog or website speed.
2. <ins class=”adsbygoogle”
The second one is the the original AdSense code. so it wont be altered otherwise AdSense
not working.
Final code below it is very important AdSense ad code because it pull the Ad from the
AdSense server and fill the all Ad unit at the time or next time of the page open so don’t awide
this code.
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
All done your AdSense work like charm and you get more CPC earnings

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