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Hidden Awesome and Most Beautiful 7 Fox Species In The World

If you love foxes and think they look better in the wild than they do around someone’s neck, then you’ll definitely love seeing all of these Fox Species in their natural element!. we’d introduce you some of the most beautiful and striking types of foxes out there so you’d know which type is your favorite!

1. Fennec Fox


Image credits: Francisco Mingorance


Fennec foxes, native to North Africa and the Sahara desert, are distinguished by their large ears, which serve to dissipate their body heat.

2. Arctic Fox

fox-species-photography-1-1Image credits: Daniel Parent

fox-species-photography-1-5Image credits: William Doran


The arctic fox can be found throughout the Arctic Circle. Their thick fur keeps them from shivering in temperatures as low as -70 degrees Celsius

3. Gray Fox


The gray fox, which lives throughout North America, is distinguished by its “salt-and-pepper” upper coat and black-tipped tail.

4. Marble Fox



The “arctic marble fox,” also a member of the red fox species, is not a naturally occurring coloration (Image credits: Ewald Mario)

5. Silver Fox


Image credits: Shelley Evans


The silver fox is actually the same species as the red fox (Image credits: Matt Knoth)

6. Red Fox



The red fox is the largest, most wide-spread and, as a result, the most diverse species of all the foxes. (Image credits: Roeselien Raimond)

7. Cross Fox


The cross fox is yet another color variant of the red fox. It is most common in North America. (Image credits: Ben Andrew)

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