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Free Real Time Data Feeder(India)

Free Real Time Data Feeder
(1) Real Time data feeding at very fast rate ( 5-10 sec chart refresh rate )(2) Fast Data feeding to world’s best Stock Charting software-AmiBroker(3) Very User Friendly . Even people who are not much familiar with Computer can use it without going through any manual .(4) Almost No Configuration required for connecting it to AmiBroker

(5) Performance wise Highly efficient as this software is highly multithreaded .

(6) Backfill with 1-min,5-min & EOD data in very short span of time

(7) Download data for last 1 day,5 days & EOD for last 6-7 years as text file.

(8) Support for 180 Stocks at a time

(9) Works with both Trial & Licensed version of AmiBroker.

Download Free Real time Data Feeder

Guide to setup NSE free real time data on Ami broker:

  1. Download data feeder from above link.
  2.     Install using setup.exe, at this step you ate done with the installation.
  3.     Now let us setup database in Amibroker, Run/open Amibroker.
  4.     Go to File menu > New > Database
  5.     Type the name of data base, select base time interval as: 1 Minute and clickCreate.
  6.     Under number of bars enter: 10000
  7.     Click on Intraday setting.
  8.     Select filtering as Show day session only.
  9.     In trading hours, for day Session enter start as 09:15 and end as 15:30, Click on OK.
  10.     Now you have successfully configured real time database for NSE.
  11.     Now run Data Feeder from desktop for first time. Here you will need to create a list of stocks that you need under Amibroker real time data feed.
  12.     Once you are done with adding stocks, press the red button named “Amibroker is not connected click here to connect” once you click this button it will become green.
  13.    ADD STOCKS button to add stocks to your watch list of Amibroker.
  14.     Lets perform some Back-fill, click on “Backfill-1M Data” to get 1 day intraday data of selected stocks.
  15.     Select chart refresh rate to “5 Seconds“. Now we are ready to hit that START button. Now real time data should be loading perfectly.
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