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Free Nest2Ami – real time data feed from Nest Trader to AmiBroker (Backfill Supported)

Nest2Ami – real time data feed from Nest Trader to Amibroker (Backfill Supported)
The Nest2Ami version free download by request and share some profit if love this product. It is the best version and email support free also on available timings. It is the best free real time data feeds Amibroker.

The Nest2Ami utility extracts live real time quotes from the market watch of Nest Trader clients (also Zerodha Trader), and outputs the intraday data feed to Amibroker. This is aimed at commodity traders, using the MCX exchange, who prefer the stock charting of Ami over the one inbuilt into Nest (or Nest Plus). As such it a terminal based Amibroker data feed; and different from utilities that distribute data from a server.

While most brokers offer Nest Trader only for MCX, Zerodha Trader, or ZT as it is generally referred to, has extended to a unified trading platform for NSE, BSE (not currently supported by the utility), MCX, and MCXSX. So, besides an MCX real time data source, it is a source for NSE market quotes as well.
The captured quotes comprises last traded price & volume at a configurable interval down to 1 second. Output to Amibroker may be tick data (actually snapshot) data, or may be aggregated to 1 minute bar intervals.
Backfill is available in two varieties — the internal backfill from Nest / Zerodha Trader, and the plugin data from Nest Plus. While the number of days of available data seems to be in a state of flux, it may be assumed that the current day backfill is from internal data, and Nest Plus provides longer term (7 to 20 days) backfill. The backfill is always 1 minute OHLCV, tick quotes are not available.
{ For the specific case of Zerodha and MCX, the internal backfill has too much data without filtering ability, and MCX backfill should use Plus irrespective of one or multiple days. For example, Gold or Copper prices may be available for as much as 40 days in ZT. This does not apply to MCX current day backfill from most other brokers. }
The current version 0.88 beta (May 2013) adds:

  • Ability to backfill without stopping data capture.
  • Availability of auto symbol translation in Settings. For example, RELIANCE-EQ will become RELIANCE, or NIFTY13MAYFUT may be NIFTY_1.

Earlier versions had added:

    • Support for MCXSX
    • Fixes to some issues with Nest versions after
    • Selectable column capture such as Open Interest, ATP, or TBQ / TSQ.


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Nest2Ami Download:  Download links will only be available by request.
By request only. Write, with some details about yourself, and your broker, to
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(Mr. Yusufi is a very kind person and will help you almost instantly)

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