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Forex Trend Champion Indicator

Forex Trend Champion Indicator

Is it really that difficult to determine the trend? Forex Trend Champion Indicator will help you find the trend Some quote.  I once ran a trading room for a popular forex company and was asked how to find the trend. Others would contribute with esoteric indicators for trend determination.

One clever guy responded by saying “I just ask my child – Is this going up or down?”. The kid gets it right every time. I am sure you want to integrate trend determination with some script or something, but the key is how does the trend fit in with your overall strategy.

Meaning, what levels of trend determination do you need and how sensitive should it be. Just keep in mind that sometimes simple things work better.

Well I would suggest you to use intelligent approach for indicating trendling lines to make your trading more understandable. For example I use special trendline drawing tool in my Exness mt4 account without help of any indicators.

Just find two clearly discernable points (higher lows for uptrend and lower highs for downtrend) draw a line and watch how the price goes by it.

Plain indicators searching for that points and drawing lines don’t fit the market and may expose your real trading to serious risk. Be careful with that.

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