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Forex SSG Trading System Forex Free Download

Forex SSG Trading System

Entry Points:
Go short trading System:
SSG Bline agree with SSG Fbar so as SSG HASignal is at sell direction.
1. SSG Bline Draw orange big dot as a direction change(WILL NOT REPAINT). Main indicator
2. SSG Fbar cross 0 and goes below drawing red bar.
3. SSG HASignal is at confirmed direction white bars.

Forex SSG Trading System Forex Talking about stoploss it is hard to tell. It depends on your money management rules. You could use previous

high or low for placing stoploss. Also a trailing stop is a good choice.

In picture you can see Exit1 and Exit2. These are the points at which you could take profit (SSG HASignal) bar
change. Or you can wait for SSG Bline change to exit the trade.

The point is that market tend to retrace and it is up to you how fast and how many pips you want to steal.

System DOES NOT REPAINT so you will get 84+ success in trades following strict rules.

We highly recommend when doing your first trade to use a system on a demo account to get to know how
everything works.
Okay lets turn on false signals and sideway market. Examples below:

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