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Don’t Surprice! How To Get Extra 44 Gems a Week, Without Gem Box


Every body Clash of Clans player needed gems in their play of games. this gems get very struggle and not get offen. if get some gems but not high, the maker of the gamer push purchase the gem for real money. Free get extra gems in clash of clans

Do you know that the gems you get for removing obstacles like trees, bushes and trunks but not given as much as and some randomly but following a fixes sequence? It does:

The order of the gem appears in game


This is the order in which you get your gems from removing the obstacles, no matter what obstacle it was. If you now add the fact that you get one obstacle every 8 hours (21 obstacles a week) this adds up to around 44 gems a week – gem box not included.

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That’s right; trees and logs don’t spawn randomly, but rather on a tight schedule. Also, the amount of gems you receive from clearing these obstacles doesn’t come randomly either. The sequence for the obstacles is as follows:


This sequence is over a week, so the first obstacle, a bush, tree, etc. will earn you 6 gems. After the week is finished, this whole string repeats itself. Now a gem box isn’t included in this.

A gem box will spawn for you about every 2 weeks but there isn’t a set schedule. Remember this next time your pray some gems when you remove an obstacle!

I was very surprised when I heard of this the first time but even more surprised that this is true – try yourself!

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