Don’t Believe Game of Thrones Eye Hatching Locations are real, 15 Must Watch Travel Location For Weekend Trip


Game of Thrones

Discover the Real World of Game Of Thrones Eye Hatching Locations are very interesting Ideas . Game Of Thrones  is everyone’s favorite TV show right now. It has action, magic and almost anything you can imagine that would be in a mystical, mid-evil place like Westeros. Fans dream of a trip to Westeros, but unfortunately it’s not a real place.

The closest you can get to going to Westeros is by visiting the actual locations the scenes are filmed in the T.V. series. If you want to visit all the filming locations you might want to plan ahead. This won’t be a regular weekend get away. The locations are spread out over Europe but most of them are in Northern Ireland. Here is a list of the real Game of Throne locations.

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