Deadsoul Oanfx Trading System

Deadsoul Oanfx Trading System we have reached the undefeated first Deadsoul Oanfx Trading System and you know what we ganna spread it all over the world and free whether you like it or not..who ever you are trying to stop us

If you work with several period structures state M1, M5, H4, Every day and so on you have to make use of the predetermined to maintain the actual Long/Short along with various miracle quantity for every time period.

*4hr timeframe prepared .

*Only take the signals in the overall direction of the COG bands.

*Only take trades when the Starish thing appears and Oan Arrow appears on same bar.

*Always TP at middle COG band.

*Always SL at -100 pips. (Still testing this method. So far 28 trades, all winners, max DD was -81 pips.)

All the rest of the rules are the same as Oan’s.

Deadsoul Oanfx Trading System
For best results
enter from red or green lines .
any currency have it is own stop loss so thats what i do
i enter with the smallest position from the red line or green line then i price went against me 30 pips in euro i douuble my postion and after anothe 30 pips i double it again so i i start with i lot i will have one lot at first then two lots then 4 lots and price usually dont go more than 30 pip against me in eur usd it is the indicator magic .
in gbp py make it 100 pips
in eur usd make it 60 pips and in others make it 60 – 100 pips as stop loss but as i told you when you enter with small positon then add later you minimize your loss to 70 % less and maxiumies your profits 70 % so you can double your account easlliy in one day if you want a statment i can put here no problem .
take proit at blue line in the middle or lock your profit there with moving stop loss to there and wait you may double your profit .
try it demo and you will pray for me .
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