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Clash Of Clans – Five Easy Steps to Win Every Attack

Clash Of Clans

[dropcap]You[/dropcap] wanted to win every Clash of Clans attacks, of course. “But that’s impossible!” you might say, smugly to yourself. Has the real world beaten you down so much that you’ve forgotten the sweet taste of dreams, of hope? source: gamenguide

Galadon of Clash of Clans Attacks has not forgotten it, and like Moses descending from the mountain, he has arrived with five new commandments: five keys to victory. Okay, so he doesn’t absolutely, one hundred percent guarantee victory every time, but if you follow his plan, the chances of you drowning in trophies is quite high.

Aided by his…helpful? Companion Peter17$, Galadon lays out some fundamentals. Firstly, even if you’re bringing an army comprised of many different units (and not a standard ‘accepted’ formation such as GoWiPe), always clear the surrounding structures. This gives your main force – usually your heavy hitters like Witches and the Heroes – a more direct path to the inside buildings and the town hall.

Second, spell timing and placement. You need to be Johnny on the spot with your freeze spells, taking out the most defensive structures with one blast as possible. Spell placement is all about “maximization”, getting the most value for your dollar (or gems, in this case).

Clash Of Clans
Don’t be afraid to rely heavily on your Hero units, they may be the difference at higher levels. Galadon breaks it down succinctly:

Choose battles wisely. If it looks impossible, it probably is. Know your troops. Be reasonable, an all Goblin troop won’t make it, but even a mixed and varied force can be effective.

Predict their path. Knowing how your troops will respond and move is vital. You don’t have any real control over them after you’ve dropped them. This is where the clearing of surrounding structures is vital.

Create a wide enough berth so your main force – your PEKKA, you heroes, etc – have a more direct path to the Town Hall.

Spell timing and placement. Learn it, love it.

Take out unprotected structures. After the town hall is dead and if you’re just shy of that 50% 2-star victory, go for any surrounding buildings that are vulnerable. They can get you just over the edge.

And if I may add one thing: a 1-star victory is still a victory. It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.

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