31 Funny Captain America memes – Funny Pictures

Funny Captain America memes – funny pictures “It’s just not funny to disrespect other people’s beliefs, backgrounds, cultures, or identities when those are deeply rooted in longstanding oppression. Jokes that punch down on marginalized people require no creativity because they’ve existed since the beginning of time. It’s like telling a knock-knock joke and believing you’re […]

Top 35 Funny Minions Quotes of the Week

Funny Minions Quotes of the Week. Looking for the best funny minion quotes ever! Something new I am trying out here on SliControl. Funniest Minion Quotes and pictures of The week. are you Looking for some of the best funny minion quotes to share with your awesome friends? If people like this new addition I will keep it going. Everyone loves […]

40 Funny Minions Quotes with Images

Top 40 Funny despicable me Minions Quotes. Everyone loves minions and these hilarious minion quotes will put a smile on your face! These despicable me minion quotes are perfect for Facebook or to share “Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority” and see how that feels. What we think, […]

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