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Best Free Blog Editors for Bloggers 2014


  Blogger Blog Editors

Blogger must know to use the blog editor with easy work and improve their style and offline content of writing their blogging platform, it can be a much more convenient way to use blog editor – especially if you have multiple blogs for regular update, without any trouble more contents can be updated. By using this type of blog editors, you can even write offline and then publish whenever you’re online.

Windows Live Writer
Windows Live Writer is a free one from the well known software maker of the Microsoft. Windows Live Writer editor is the one of the most popular and complete desktop blog editor for the Windows platform. Their working environment will be like Microsoft word, that is, similar Cut and Past your content and image directly on your writer and also you can create new and edit previous blog posts, see preview what they’ll look like on your blog before publishing. You can also use inserting maps, videos and 100+ plugins that you can use with Windows Live Writer in order to add more features and increase its functionality.  After its last upgrade, you can now use Windows Live Writer to upload images straight to Picasa for your Blogger blog.



BlogDesk is a another free blog editor and its standard design looks like live editor. BlogDesk gives you easy way to write your content, align the image and hence you can output the blog post fast.
It is suitable for MovableType, Serendipity, Drupal, and WordPress. It has WYSIWYG editor, spell checker, tag-generator – lets you easily define and insert tags instead of retyping them over and over again. Word Press-Tags are supported.  There’s a downloadable PDF guide to using BlogDesk, too.


Creative Writer
CreaWriter is one of the best offline blog editor and design your post at creative  manner. It is a Windows based program designed to full screen provides a distraction-free environment. Its give a slogan “boost your productivity and creativity”  yourself in a relaxed and calm atmosphere and achieve a new level of concentration!

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