115 Best Belated Birthday Wishes & Messages, Quotes (Funny & Sweet) | How To Write Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

Best Belated Birthday Wishes Messages Quotes Funny Sweet How To Write Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

With these belated wishes, you can still make your loved ones happy and get yourself out of trouble. Yes, I work for a company that sells greeting cards, and I send late birthday cards. It doesn’t always. Yeah, but all right, most times. (Don’t tell Elf the head card.) Therefore, I have become quite used to sending late birthday cards, extending wishes for late birthdays, or sending friends and family late birthday cards.

Looking for belated birthday wishes? When wishing someone a belated happy birthday, you are wishing them after the birthday has taken place. Putting the word “belated” before “birthday” implies that it was the birthday that came later than expected. On the other hand, putting “belated” before “happy birthday” shows that it was the wish that was late.

Here are some best belated birthday wishes

1. Apologize for missing your significant birthday.

2. Wish you all the happiness you deserve in the upcoming year.

3. Wishing a gem who has a knack for making a home out of everyone and anyone they meet a belated happy birthday.

4. You embody love in every way.

Belated birthday wishes

Belated Birthday Wishes

# “I’m sincerely apologetic for sending this post late, but this message is here to bring your life joy and happiness. Happy and belated birthday.”

# “Hi, I’m sorry that my friend missed your birthday, so please accept this wish for a late birthday. Hope you had an awesome birthday.”

# “I cannot imagine that I forgot about your birthday. I hope you’ve been enjoying this entire day. Please embrace this belated wish for a birthday.”

# “Happy Birthday Mate of Mine! I can’t believe that I forgot to come and celebrate a special day like this. Hope you enjoyed yourself to the fullest.”

# “A simple, general belated birthday wish to recognize that your day has been missed is just fine: Happy and belated birthday.”

Belated Birthday Wishes for a Friend

# “Better late than never at all! And besides, on every date, the wishes are good. Happy and belated birthday!”

# “Although it’s late, it’s never too late to always wish you all the best. Happy and belated birthday.”

# “I’m so sorry that this is getting to you late, but please know that I thought about you and wished you all the best. Happy and belated birthday!”

# “I can’t believe that I missed your birthday because it is too special for you to ever forget. Happy birthday.”

# “I’m actually kind of glad this is late because now it’s a happy surprise! Happy and belated birthday.”

# “There are a few things that we don’t recall when we grow older, and I’m so sad to forget about this special day. Happy and belated birthday!”

# “Happy and belated birthday! It is my fault that this special day has been forgotten. Remember that I recall only seeing a great year ahead of you. Can you get all the best happiness in the world?”

Belated Birthday Wishes Messages

# “I am so sad that I have forgotten about your special day. Just excuse my memory of defeat. May God provide you with peace and prosperity in this coming year.”

# “Happy birthday to you, no matter whether your day is already gone or not, you have to celebrate it all year long.”

# “I wonder how I lose count of days. I assume that you can accept me and the situation in which I have been. Happy, belated days, and have a wonderful time for the year to come.”

# “I am indeed late, but even though I was holding up everywhere, I just wanted to be with you. I hope you get that, and you were happy all the way around. Happy and belated birthday.”

# “I’ve had a lot of things to deal with recently, and that’s why yesterday I didn’t wish you a happy birthday. Now that I am relieved, I will take the time to wish you a happy birthday in due course.”

# “It’s not too late for me to wish you a happy birthday. I was only hoping that the next day should also be enjoyed by a particular person like you. Get a wonderful day ahead.”

belated birthday wishes messages

# “I’m so sad I skipped your birthday party, I had to deal with some family problems, but now I’m free and I’m going to pay a visit to you. Hope you are understanding. I hope this year will be the year for you.”

# “I didn’t really forget about your special day… I just wanted to make your happiness last a little longer. Happy and belated birthday!”

# “With these funny late birthday sayings, adding a little bit of humor is always a good way to go: Happy and belated birthday!”

# “You know what they’re saying about wishes for your birthday, better late than never! Happy and belated birthday!”

# “I feel so sorry that I have forgotten to remember your birthday. Hope you had an awesome birthday.”

# “I know I’m late with your birthday card, but with an apology, at least I’m on time.”

# “There is a very good reason why it is late for this birthday wish. I have forgotten. I apologize! Sorry! Hope your day has been awesome.”

# “I’m sorry it’s not on time for this birthday card, but it’s actually the earliest I’ve ever been late!”

Belated Wishes for Love for Birthday

# “I have indeed missed your birthday, but the most precious thing is that I have never forgotten you. The happiest year ahead of them! Happy and belated birthday!”

# “Every year, you look the same and I guess that’s why I forgot that you are getting old. Happy and belated birthday.”

# “I know it’s late, but I will never change my feelings for you. Don’t be angry that I have forgotten about your birthday, please. You are the best thing in my life that has ever happened. Happy and belated birthday.”

# “Another year is a year to be remembered for you. And if I haven’t been there to party with you, I want you to know that the best thing in life is that you are. I do apologize for that. This upcoming year, have a blast.”

# “I’m late to wish you a happy birthday, but not late to remind you that you’re a part of my life and that you are special. My love’s belated, happy birthday.”

Belated Wishes for Love for Birthday

# “It’s only the CARD that’s late! My thoughts about you were on time. Hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday.”

# “I forgot that it wasn’t your birthday, it was a date. Hope your day has been a happy one. Hope you had an awesome birthday.”

# “Please, happy birthday! (Leave it to me at the wrong time to say the correct thing.)”

# “It’s not late for this birthday wish, I’m just making sure I’m early so that next year I don’t miss it.”

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

# “For the perpetual late-comer (I might fall into this category):”

# “I didn’t want to throw you away and send you your card on time, actually. You know that it’s from me, this way! Hope that you’ve had a good one.”

# “I know this is late—why break with tradition? Hope that your day has been fun. Hope you had an awesome birthday.”

# “On this planet, there isn’t much that can hold us apart. Not also my carelessness, carelessness, or forgetfulness. Happy Happy Birthday Belated!”

# “I’ll always be with you because you are a wonderful sweetheart of mine. Happy and belated birthday.”

# “Birthdays are never supposed to be forgotten, but when they’re wrong, wonderful girlfriends and boyfriends are meant to be forgiven. Happy and belated birthday.”

# “The day I met you, I will not turn back time and recall what was on my mind, so now I’m going to keep every tiny bit of time to make sure I remember what I do to keep you with me. Happy and belated birthday.”

Late Texts for Sister’s Birthday

# “I apologize so much for having forgotten about your special day. I’ve lost track of time, so I do appreciate that you celebrated this special day.”

# “My dear sister, please don’t get upset with me because I forgot to wish you a happy birthday. Here’s the warmest wish for you, and I hope you and the entire family have enjoyed an amazing birthday celebration.”

# “I know that you were expecting me to be with you last night, but that’s not what I did. I have forgotten the special day, but the most important thing is that I still have you in my mind. Have an enjoyable time!”

# “I hope you can excuse me for giving me my last wish for your birthday. I hope this year that God will give you all your wishes and respond to all your prayers. Happy Happy Birthday Belated!”

Late Texts for Sister's Birthday

# “I want to take this moment, even though I am late for your birthday, to wish you the best of belated wishes. May God grant you this year of joy, peace, and success?”

# “Hi sis, I’m so sad that I didn’t manage to celebrate yesterday with you. I hope that next year I will make it up to celebrate the whole 24 hours with you. Please embrace my wish to have a late birthday.”

# “For a thousand reasons, I don’t want to come here. I plead guilty. Yesterday, I didn’t manage to make it to your birthday, so I’m very sorry. Happy birthday at a late date.”

# “There are millions of ways to impress individuals, especially on their birthdays. I have opted to be late this time. Happy late birthday sister.”

Belated Birthday Wishes For Brother

# “I’m so sad that my brother forgot about your birthday. I hope that you have a nice time regardless. Happy and belated birthday!”

# “Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother Belated”

# “Happy belated birthday to the most intelligent and marvelous brother on earth. I hope that you had an amazing day.”

# “I know I have no words to justify myself, but I’m taking this chance to wish you the best in all these years. Well, my brother’s happy birthday!”

# “There’s no cap on when to wish someone a birthday, happy birthday, and a good year ahead, my dear brother.”

# “Now you are getting old and you know what it feels like to be an old lizard. It is your turn to take care of your life and make it work the way you want to make it work. Among all the belated wishes, the happiest.”

# “Hi sir, I’m so sorry to miss your birthday, but I promise that before I land and celebrate with you, you won’t be celebrating two more. Happy and belated birthday!”

The Funny Belated Wishes for Birthday

# “I know that my wishes are late, but I still have you on my mind. I hope you’ve had an awesome day. Having a pretty good day!”

# “I got hold of myself and forgot about your birthday, but I’m very sorry for Bro. I hope you had a great celebration on your birthday.”

# “You never look a year older, no matter what age you turn around. I don’t remember coming and celebrating with you, so I’m going to be there with you next time.”

# “The bad news is that I have missed your birthday and the good news is that I have forgotten your age as well. Happy and belated birthday!”

# “These days, a real friend is the one who, in the days that follow, remembers a birthday and not an actual day. Happy goddamn late birthday!”

Belated Birthday Wishes for a Friend

# “Good friends know that even if your wish for your birthday is late, it doesn’t mean that you are less loved. Thanks for being a good friend of this kind. Hope that was a happy thing!”

# “Happy Birthday to a friend who is warm, understanding, kind, amusing, and special. (See? It wasn’t worth waiting for that?)”

# “With lots of wonderful gifts, you are such a good friend-lucky for me, one of them is forgiveness! I’m so sorry that I missed your big day.”

# “Yep, I forgot your birthday, but I’ve never been able to forget a friend as great as you are.”

# “I didn’t want to wish you yesterday deliberately, because I don’t want to see you depressed the next day. Hello, happy birthday:))”

B best day's friend's wishes

# “I want to mark my birthday as the month of my birthday, and not the day that everyone is born. Happy month-of-the-birth!”

# “A buddy who wishes a happy birthday is a true friend, happy late birthday sis, whether before or after the festivities.”

# “Just to test your patience, I made you wait, and you proved to yourself that you were a patient one. Happy birthday at a late date!”

# “It is deliberate to wish you a happy late birthday because special people are still late. Happy belated anniversary!”

In this game, my friends, there is no shame. These days, life moves so quickly that many of us have trouble keeping up with what day it is, and if no one ever missed birthdays, we wouldn’t be cranking out all the time with late birthday greetings. And do you know what really matters, when you get down to it? That you sent one at all — so don’t even worry that it’s late. They’ll just be so happy you took the time to think of them.

Let’s look at the bright side of missing that birthday, and your card will come as a nice surprise, all on its own, getting the full attention of the recipient! But the nicer gift they’re going to receive is to realize how much you want to connect with them and wish them happiness. There’s no time limit, ever, put upon that. In this article, I have written for you sweet and funny belated birthday wishes and messages. So, if due to any reason you were unable to wish your loved one’s happy birthday on time then you can simply send them the given below belated birthday wishes to change their mood and make them happy.

Don’t know how to write belated birthday wishes? No problem, simply send the above-mentioned to your loved ones and pull yourself out of the trouble. If you liked the article, make sure to share it.

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115 Best Belated Birthday Wishes & Messages, Quotes (Funny & Sweet) | How To Write Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

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