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Beautiful List 7 Sculpts Heart of Wood Series Boxes individual design studio

The annual furniture china 2015 expo in shanghai puts a lot of emphasis on showcasing the creative industry and manufacturing developments in asia, while also bringing to light creative innovations in other parts of the globe.

one of the programme highlights is the ‘design of designers’ exhibition which is dedicated to promoting original design within china’s furniture industry. this year saw 200 designers from 60 different firms, national / regional groups and professional academies presenting their work to the public.

one of these was individual design studio who displayed their ‘heart of wood’ series. born out of the desire to try and understand the essence of wood, ren hongfei has envisioned a collection of small boxes and wall hangers that retain an organic feel, expressing the appearance of smooth stones. the accessories celebrate wood and its natural beauty and how it can be used to subtly enhance our homes. H/t

heart of wood series boxes

individual design wood series 4

the containers can be used to store small objects

individual design wood series 1

‘heart of wood’ boxes

individual design wood series 3

the diverse range of the ‘heart of wood’ hangers

individual design wood series 6

‘heart of wood’ wall hangers

individual design wood series 7

the pieces take on the look of a cobblestone

individual design wood series 2

detail of the various wood grains

individual design wood series 5

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