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AmiBroker 5.70.2 Official Release Free Download

A new official release version (5.70.2) of AmiBroker is available for download.

These are universal setup files. They can be installed on fresh windows without need to install any previous versions. They can also be used to upgrade existing installations.
ATTENTION: This version is free only for users who registered after November 30, 2011. See Upgrade Policy and Pricing section below for more details.
IMPORTANT: This version is available to everyone, not only members
32-bit version:
(8 782 360 bytes)
64-bit version:
(9 317 008 bytes)
CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.70.2 (as compared to 5.70.0)

  1. Vertical selector line for the very first quote in a chart was not displayed. Fixed.
  2. Exception could occur when passing open pos object to user-defined function. Fixed.
  3. Deleted databases are removed on start up from that “Recent databases” menu.
  4. An exception at 678BAB24 when full name edit was incomplete and symbol was changed. Fixed.
  5. In 32-bit version of AmiBroker, StaticVarInfo could return negative value when static memory usage was greater than 2GB. Fixed.
  6. Added extra checks in Set Option to avoid crash when user deletes symbols while formula is running (which is bad idea anyway).
  7. On attempt to print/copy image of an empty chart pane appropriate message is displayed.
  8. State of command bars is loaded with “silent” option to prevent “due to software update the toolbar has changed ” messages that could appear when user launched AmiBroker from different folders or different versions (old and new).
To purchase new license or upgrade please use our ordering page at:

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