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AmiBroker 5.70.0 Free Upgrade

The upgrade is FREE for all users who purchased AmiBroker after November 30, 2011

Amibroker 5.70.0 Release Candidate
A new release candidate version (5.70.0) of AmiBroker is available for download.
These are universal setup files. They can be installed on fresh windows without need to install any previous versions. They can also be used to upgrade existing installations.
ATTENTION: This version is free only for users who registered after November 30, 2011. See
Upgrade Policy and Pricing section below for more details.
IMPORTANT: This version is available to general public, not only members

Download Free Upgrade

32-bit version:
(8 651 576 bytes)
64-bit version:
(9 188 464 bytes)
CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.70.0 (as compared to 5.69.0)

  1. GDI: use of PS_ALTERNATE style in Windows 95/98 causes resource leak. Fixed.
  2. UI: Place Order dialog, it was problematic to enter fractional offsets for brackets. Fixed.
  3. “Recent database” menu randomly listed files instead of databases. Fixed. Note if you have custom toolbar with “Recent database” submenu added, you need to delete it and re-insert.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.69.0 (as compared to 5.68.1)
lot of changes from the previous edition

To purchase new license or upgrade please use our ordering page at:

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