Amibroker 5.60.3 full installation free for life time..

Amibroker 5.60.3 full installation free for a lifetime… Amibroker is primarily a charting tool that was specifically built for a set of traders who use technical analysis for predicting the price, volume of stocks in the market. This tool allows you to create very detailed graphs of stock price and volume and then to do analysis on the same.

Amibroker provides a proprietary language called AFL (Amibroker Formula Language, based on C) which is used to develop logic on the platform. While the intended use of Amibroker is for Historical data analysis, I have seen a number of traders in India try to fit with a live feed and an order placement module (or integrate with an existing one such as Omnesys) and try and use it for algorithmic trading. Their success overall has been limited though. Amibroker is a full-fledged technical analysis and charting tool that traders can use for analysing market, charts and for backtesting trading.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.60.3 (as compared to 5.60.2)

1) Corrections and updates to Users’ Guide
2) 3D optimization chart was corrupted when optimization included custom metrics. Fixed.
3)The custom backtest procedure was not called when the number of trades was equal to zero (no trades at all). This prevented the creation of custom metrics in such case. Now CBT code is called anyway.
4)New Analysis, database’s time shift was applied twice in the “Show current trade arrows” mode. Fixed.
5)New Analysis, when Apply to was set to “Current” then changing current symbol during optimization affected results. Fixed
6)When the custom backtest formula was defined in a separate file then report “Formula” tab shown CBT formula instead of the actual system formula. Fixed.

Which Trader is The AmiBroker Suited For?
Let us start by stating that this program is designed for experienced traders. Since the platform involves developing and testing trading strategies, the newbies are, in essence, left out of this design.

Then, the program needs a lot of patience from you due to the steep learning curve that you are going to experience. On top of that, you need to be conversant with technical analysis so as to use this program.

Day-traders and end-of-day traders can find this program to be useful, mainly due to the function-based scans. The long-term investors can also find a home in this program with the back-testing and walk-forward testing features being of great benefit.

All in all, the program is quite flexible such that you can use it over multiple timescales.

The AmiBroker Crack Version
If you want to get the original version of this program, you should go to the website and follow the download instructions given.

There is a crack version available, but we strongly advise you against using it. This is due to the following reasons:

This version does not offer you all the features of the program
It may result in a sudden crash or license error
Whereas licensed users get Free Amiquote data, the crack version does not have this service
The developers do not offer any support to this crack version
Another is that Amibroker may stop updating altogether should all the users start using the crack version
Pros and Cons
Just like every other product out there, AB has both advantages and disadvantages. We are going to check out these pointers in brief.


All trading accounts receive outstanding customer support
It is one of the fastest back-testing tools
Coding is relatively simple
Very affordable
The technical charts are highly versatile
AB can optimize a strategy automatically based on different parameters
Most of the features that the program has are customizable
End of Day data is available at no cost

It is not suited for first-time traders
The users have to understand programming languages such as HTML, C++, and so on
It limits you to one database per session

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                Free Real Time Data Feeder(India)

LINK Click Here
** Note = After downloading Amibroker from the link don’t run amibroker ,first extract Broker.exe & Brokey.dll to Amibroker folder which will be in C:Program FilesAmiBroker and then run your free Amibroker..
If you are getting License Error in Amibroker
Here is procedure to solve license error.
License Error Amibroker
1. Un-Install AmiBroker
2. Delete AmiBroker folder from C:Program Files
3. Run “regedit” and delete the below registry:
Value “ModernViewStatePersist” in “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced”
Value “ModernViewStatePersistent” in “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced”
4. Re-install AmiBroker. Change the real time clock date to next date and test.

Amibroker released it’s new version 5.5. download full installation free for life time..

Amibroker released it’s new version 5.5. In this new version, Amiboker added some new features like more analytical tools, easy user interface etc. But Amibroker is not a free software! It is true that, genuine AmiBroker is little expensive. However, to get Amibroker 5.5 as free,
firstly download Amibroker 5.5  from below link and follow the instructions:
Download it from below
Click here
1.Unzip folder
2.Install Amibroker550.exe
3.After installation, do not open it .
4.Now copy Broker.exe and Broker.dll  and paste it to your Amibroker directory C:Program
   FilesAmiBroker and then run your free Amibroker..
5. Upload your data to your Database and enjoy the freedom of technical analysis.

Amibroker latest

Thanks to see here

Amibroker afl collection see here

Trade visually from Charts, or use the Analysis tool to generate order list, or place orders directly from your code using the Auto-trading interface. Whatever your style is. The choice is yours.

The Analysis window
The Analysis window is home to all your scans, explorations, portfolio backtests, optimizations, walk-forward tests, and Monte Carlo simulation

Screen markets for opportunities
Exploration is a multi-purpose screening/data mining tool that produces fully programmable tabular output with an unlimited number of rows and columns from all symbols data

Test your system
The Backtest allows testing your system performance on historical data. The simulation is performed on portfolio-level as in real-life, with multiple securities traded at the same time, each having a user-definable position sizing rule. Scoring & ranking
If multiple entry signals occur on the same bar and you run out of buying power, AmiBroker performs bar-by-bar ranking based on user-definable position score to find preferable trade.

Find optimum parameter values
Tell AmiBroker to try thousands of different parameter combinations to find the best-performing ones. Use Smart Artificial Intelligence Optimization (Particle Swarm and CMA-ES) to search for huge spaces in limited time.

Amibroker 5.60.3 full installation free for life time..

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