Agapan Adventure Games

Agapan Adventure Games
Agapan Adventure Games is a 2-D story and exploration game taking place in a mysterious and ominous setting. After the abrupt death of David Garcia’s mother a decade ago, the young boy had nothing left:  In this narrative oriented experience. One morning, during his monthly visit to the graveyard where his mom rests, David meets an unknown woman who tells him what he was waiting to hear for many years:
David Garcia while he ventures into the town of Agapan. His goal: search for his last relative and uncover the secrets of a town where an ancient deity still reigns. “David Garcia, do you want to meet your grandmother? Do you want to meet Remedios Garcia?”

Game Includes:

– A solid 2-D narrative oriented experience taking place in Agapan, a mysterious village forgotten by time;
– Meet and interact with compelling characters and discover the power of an ancient deity… Huitzi;
– Create your own path throughout the narrative with many decisions to make and more than a dozen ending variations to experience;
– Immerse yourself in the narrative with illustrated dialogues, full-screen illustrations, and a complete original soundtrack.

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