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14 Most Creative Awesome Lamps And Chandeliers Designs. New Ideas

Most Creative Awesome Lamps And Chandeliers Designs are collected some very creative awesome lamps from different sources which show the talented artwork of artists as well. Light is very important for every home, but it’s also so much more then that. The unique design of awesome lamps and Chandelier can change the look of the entire room.

1. Broken Plates Chandelier in Waddesdon Manor

Broken Plates Chandelier in Waddesdon Manor

Credits to: khaosproductions


2. Fish Lamps


Fish Lamps 1

Designed by Frank Gehry | Image credits:


3. Medusae Pendant Lamp Shades

Medusae Pendant Lamp Shades

Credits to: Roxy Towry-Russell


4. Real Dandelions Turned Into Gorgeous OLED Lights

Real Dandelions Turned Into Gorgeous OLED Lights

Designed by Takao Inoue


5. Starry Light

Starry Light

Image credits:


6. Greenhouse Lamp

Greenhouse Lamp

Designed By Kristyna Pojerova


7. Amazing Lights

Amazing Lights



8. Octopus Chandelier

Octopus Chandelier

Designed By:


9. Chandeliers Lights



10. Ice Cream Cone Bulb Sockets

Ice Cream Cone Bulb Sockets

Designed by Alex Garnett


11. Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers


12. Ripple Bulbs

 Ripple Bulbs

Credits to: Poetic Lab


13. Impossible Light Bulb

Impossible Light Bulb


14. Lumio: Portable Book-Shaped Light

Lumio: Portable Book-Shaped Light


Designed by :

All are DIY Lamps design created by talent people and creative artists and we are happy and thankful to them for creating such an awesome lamps or chandeliers like these. Please check and I am sure you will be highly amazed with the talent. Even try making these if you can


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