10 Epic Fails That Were Almost Perfect

Epic fails all over the world are now being recorded in the glorious enigma that is the internet. This is exactly what is happening with these 10 epic fails that were so close to being perfect.

The author of this road sign.

The author of this road sign.Image: www.viralblasts.com

This poor soccer player.

This poor soccer player.Image: twitter.com

This confused ice hockey player.

This confused ice hockey player.Image: www.collegehumor.com

The driver of this car.

The driver of this car.Image: kinja.com

The brilliant owner of this bike.

The brilliant owner of this bike.Image: beagreencommuter.com

This yoga expert.

This yoga expert.Image: www.weirdhut.com

This impatient jockey.

This impatient jockey.Image: imgur.com

The photographer of this wedding picture.

The photographer of this wedding picture.Image: www.teamjimmyjoe.com

This enthusiastic dog trainer.

This enthusiastic dog trainer.Image: www.deviantart.com

This bike show-off.

This bike show-off.

Image: personalreboot.wordpress.com

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